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Lessons from Tony Robbins Fire Walk: Unleash the Power Within

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Hey Goddess,


I am feeling electricity in my entire body.

This weekend I had the supremely MAGICAL and other worldly experience of becoming one of Tony Robbins’ Firewalkers.

YES — I walked on FIYAHHHHHH!!!

And it was HOT. 🙂


I don’t bungee jump.

I don’t sky dive.

I don’t do vertical hiking.

I don’t even do roller coasters.

I don’t even DRIVE because it sends my ANXIETY into overdrive.


So why did I decide to walk on freaking FIRE?!


For exactly those same reasons.

I refuse to be governed by FEAR one more moment.


I’ll post a video about this on later…


BUT the very reasons you FEAR moving forward is EXACTLY why you MUST.


Don’t wait to be unafraid.

Don’t wait to be overtaken by some elusive previously unforeseen bravery.

You got this.


Stop waiting.


Staying stuck keeps you stuck.


Make your move — and LIFE will make 10 moves toward you.

It is spiritual LAW.


i was terrified of the fire walk – but I wouldn’t allow myself to be swayed.


As Deepak Chopra says if you are listening to your inner voice terrorize you and tell you all of the reasons why you can’t do it, then that inner bully voice is not YOU.


At one point, Tony Robbins said, I don’t need you to do this fire walk, so if you’re a crybaby leave — and I thought about bolting.

Then I remembered that crybaby was who I WAS not who I AM.


A couple of my friends were also scared about the fire walk and tried to share their fears with me.

What if, what if, what if…



My natural reaction is to coach and console others, but I simply said, “Fear does not live here” and refused to participate in any such conversations about the fire walk.

I am no longer bonding over fear, terror and lack.



Fear does not live here.

You are human.

So fear will show its beautiful face.

Learn what it has to teach you and move forward in LOVE, compassion and appreciation.

Don’t let fear move in and take up residence in your DREAMS.


You got this.


Last night, we came up with a SIMPLE but POWERFUL new mantra in my Manifest Your Magic Digital Moon Circle: I AM READY.


Yes, you are. Ready.

Life is yours for the taking.

You are ready.

Don’t wait for bravery.

You are ready.

Don’t wait for PERFECTION.

You are ready.

Don’t wait for inspiration.

You are READY.

Trust the FORCE that created you and step up.

Fear doesn’t LIVE here.




Make shift happen.


Sending you love, light and manifesting magic,

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