Yay!! Obvi if you’re reading this your world did not end in 2012. It’s a brand new year with room for bold new choices. What’s your zodiac sign, gorgeous? Our astrological wonder woman and zodiac queen GREAR IS BRILLIANT with this month’s horoscopes… As usual, i’ve left in all of the wonderful grammatically magical Grear-isms so that you can catch the full meaning of her unique way of communicating astrology. Thanks so much to our beautiful readers who LOVE her as much as I do — and keep requesting her! -aa

[dropcap]2[/dropcap]013! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Yes, I know, there are some of us that view the true New Year as being the Spring Equinox—as an astrologer, I can totally see this logical reasoning. But also as an upbeat philosopher, being able to say “Happy” & “New” in the same sentence and really mean it? I’m not only up for it—I speak up for it! Happy New Year! Happy New You!

With all of the 2012 scares and fears of the world coming to end, for me, it was a clear sign (pun, astro-pun intended..to the nth degree!) that SOMETHING needed to come to an end! Why not old fears, old habits…ones that no longer serve you or humanity? Banish them!

Ooo, there’s an affirmation—one of my all-time faves—that I’d like to share with you that has that word in it: “The tide of destiny has turned and everything wonderful comes our way. Now go ahead and banish all the bad from yesteryear and be sure to speak out for the beautiful gift this present bring. Happy Surprises are about to come our way. Ase`.” ~Unknown

The data for each will be my observations of the sky for the month of January—per each sign—as well as a brief tidbit for 2013.


The father, one of the elders of the zodiac. Tenth House Czars! Authoritative and conservative…on the surface, how you present yourself publicly.
Debbie Allen, CapricornWhen Michael Tsarion stated [in one of his videos] that the spirit enters in Cancer and exits in Capricorn. I knew/know that one rules the breasts and the other rules the skeleton yet I couldn’t understand this particular correlation Michael made in that lecture.

I conferred with other astrologers about it… though we might agree on the basic fundamentals of astrology, still…each one of us are our own intuits regarding what we see in the stars. One felt that it (the spirit) enters in Aries and exits in Pisces (the natural order of the zodiac). Per my studies, up until that point, this too made sense to me, yet… Michael’s words gnawed at my senses—wouldn’t let go! I began to study Capricorn (and its opposite, Cancer) veraciously! Still…couldn’t find what I needed. Note: My library is extensive!
Darn near wanted to ferret out MT’s # to call and state, “Hi. My name is Grear. Do you mind expounding, please!”

As with most items so desperately desired in life—once you cease the desperation or the desire, period…BOOM! The item falls right into your lap—like astro-manna from the heavens. Or, shall I say, The Cosmos.

Listening to Sam (brilliant astro-mind) on a radio show around this time last year, he went over all twelve signs, when he got to “Cancer” and how he articulated she…crab = scarab…Immortal. PinG! Suddenly I knew what Michael meant. No, I doubt if Sam and Michael know each other personally, to compare notes ‘n all. This is just how that desired information finally filtered to yours truly.

That Sam interview plus noticing a crystal-studded skull and bone piece, a charm bracelet on someone’s wrist. A stranger. I asked her, “Excuse me… hi. Are you a Capricorn?” Spooked! She replied wearily, “Yes.” Confirmation!
Capricorn, your ambition, steadfastness, staying power can’t be denied. You won’t be denied. Saturn, your ruler, simply ain’t havin’ it! Saturn is the center of the material world—holds it all together. Saturn gets a bad rap by some astroheads not just cause “Saturn” sounds like “Satan” but it is his energy that can be ruthless. It “restricts” “disciplines” and “punishes.” Yeah, I know, not easy to like. But there’s an upside (like there is with anything else): When you wanna harness the necessary energy to say… study, lose weight, fast, etc. It is biG Poppa Saturn’s reserve that you’re pulling from to do so.

  • The Sea Goat…Mermaid. When I first heard Tyrese singing his song about the signs, the part where he sings… paraphrasing, or parasangin’: “…Pisces, girl, we’re connected.”
  • I instantly saw lovely Aaliyah swimming upward-bound in the pool in that flowing lovely sheer blackswimgown, in her Rock the Boat music video. From there on out, for me, the “Sea Goat” reference to Capricorn (before it was just the land goat—now I know how the transformation formed) was made crystal c l e a r.

Another great Capricorn share:

“Goats are extremely intelligent and curious. They are easily trained to pull carts and walk on leads. Ches McCartney, nicknamed “the goat man”, toured the United States for over three decades in a wagon pulled by a herd of pet goats. They are also known for escaping their pens. Goats will test fences, either intentionally or simply because they are handy to climb on. If any of the fencing can be spread, pushed over or down, or otherwise be overcome, the goats will escape.

Due to their high intelligence, once they have discovered a weakness in the fence, they will exploit it repeatedly. Goats are very coordinated (Debbie Allen and Gabby comes to mind) and can climb and hold their balance in the most precarious places (sure-footed hooves). They are also widely known for their ability to climb trees, although the tree generally has to be on somewhat of an angle. The vocalization goats make is called bleating.

Goats have an intensely inquisitive and intelligent nature; they will explore anything new or unfamiliar in their surroundings. They do so primarily with their prehensile upper lip and tongue. This is why they investigate items such as buttons, camera cases or clothing (and many other things besides) by nibbling at them, occasionally even eating them. When handled as a group, goats tend to display less clumping behavior than sheep, and when grazing undisturbed, tend to spread across the field or range, rather than feed side-by-side as do sheep.

When nursing young, goats will leave their kids separated (“lying out”) rather than clumped up, as do sheep. They will generally turn and face an intruder (Sam, remember when you said [on said radio show], “…you don’t wanna piss them off.”? Smiles…) and bucks are more likely to charge or butt at humans than are rams. Goats are extremely curious and intelligent.” ~Unknown

muhammed aliWith Pluto being in Capricorn for a spell and the dance it’s doing with Uranus…I’d chill. Though Capricorns [Saturn] can get that “grim-reaper” label at times, if there’s any sign in the zodiac that can compose and bring it all in, it is you. This is why Mars is exalted in Capricorn—great placement for martial artists too. Again, just chill, do the solitary thing…especially the first three weeks of the month. Self-introspection is key.

Suggestion: Take to studying text on the sign Gemini. I know, their temperament is totally different than yours. But January is named after Janus. And Janus is definitely connected to two—twin faces. I know yours truly over here will definitely be implementing more study therein, or…twin-in. *chuckles*
There’s to be a lot of action in that first house. Most of y’all don’t take too kindly to THAT MUCH attention from THAT MANY all at once. See why I suggest keeping to self—chillin’. However, if you do find yourself “engaging” with many—try to be as charitable as possible. Capricorn’s key phrase is “I Use,” thus, you’re not really renowned for being generous, like your cosmic polar opposite is: Cancer. But you can pull from that polarity at any given moment to exemplify its giving attributes, need only reach for it. Note: Give, but don’t over-extend. I know, we don’t have to remind a Capricorn not to over-give. No offense.

Tip: Increase your calcium intake—especially after the tenth. Your cell salt is Calcarea Phosphorica. I read it’s ideal to take it while the sun is in your sign, cease once it enters your cosmic neighbor Aquarius (this year, 1/19). It’s about six bucks at any well-stocked health food store.

Watch your obsessive thoughts—all of them, but especially where romance is concerned. And definitely watch those that may have them [O.T.] for you…especially any persons in power. Don’t give in to impulsive spending, though it’s a good month to buy and sell—yet, be savvy about it; especially the “buying” side of it. Improve your health. There could be dynamite opportunities at work…especially if you can resist the urge to start a love affair there.

2013 Cappie Insight (also key if you have a Capricorn moon and or ascendant):
There could be a rosy rapport with a child (or children) to be embraced—all organically grown too. This loving connection might be a necessary relief from something that you were committed to suddenly falling apart. If you don’t hold on to the negativity you may feel about that situation you can come out of it emotionally unscathed. Learn from it, document it, don’t repeat it; certainly not in the same order it was applied before.
You may receive a lot of invites out to socialize, discern each wisely; again, a good time to host honorable me-time. <3

Notable Capricorns

  • Dr. Ben
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Michelle Obama
  • Aaliyah
  • Debbie Allen
  • Denzel Washington
  • Gabrielle Douglas
  • Donna Summer
  • L.L. Cool J
  • Dr. Leonard Jefferies
  • R. Kelly
  • Chad Ochocinco
  • Theresa Randall
  • Steve Harvey
  • Sade
Angel of Capricorn: Casujoiah

Angel of Capricorn, JonathanArt.com


Xo Passion Card 25Movement… Moving… Don’t be still! Get right into the rhythm of Mars being in your first house for a spell. Confrontations may be the order. But with the intelligence you exude, chances are they won’t be confrontations for asinine confrontational sake. Water Bearers you rarely choose battles, wisely or unwisely, yet if they should chose you, it’s suggested not to retreat, but confront the issue and let Mars be the equalizer. This doesn’t necessarily intimate violence—not our way. Mars is can also manifest as swift in energetic spoken expression.

Tip: Take a mini Martial Arts lesson this month.

First week: parties, lectures, ciphers, settings of that accord, may be in order. Know that you’ll be the battery in the room. Shoot your salient rays with the utmost of discernment. Know your priorities—finish up that old stuff. Working quietly alone is noted favorably.

2013 insight for the Water Bearer (also, those with Aquarius moon and or ascendant may wanna read here too): The first six months of the year, a possible windfall is shown; or a gain in some biG way (i.e. possible pregnancy..or pregnant with ideas). Reticent, withdrawal, is highlighted—you may win but it’s necessary to have someone special to share the winnings with. The Water Bearer truly believes in pouring his/her waters for all to be hydrated. There’s no doubts you’ll share. Sharing is Caring…the only true road to healing and happiness.

Do the groundwork. Commission the youth to help you, if assistance is needed. An older creative woman is shown—could be more key assistance. There could be some major news.


Xo Passion Card 20Pisces this month looks GOOD for you! There could be romance at the office—with a person in a high position. A successful courageous person…you’ll catch their attention—especially if you’re exuding like-attributes. This energy (in good-graces with giants of industry) is not just for this month, but possibly all this year.

You’ve been in dreamy confinement, mentally, lately, which is great for creating works of art, but for noticing the boss or a higher-hand that’s noticing you? Not so great. If you play this hand right—a celebration with friends/acquaintances is indicated.

Mars in the 12th, still cultivate those private creative works, you’ll find yourself doing so with incredible vigor—but remember to come OUT of the cocoon (studio) sometimes to notice what (or who) notices you. Adding: Again, like Tyrese sung “…Pisces? We’re connected…” Be sure to scroll up and read Capricorn’s block for more on this cite.
I can’t stress this enough…many POWER CONNECTIONS can be made for you this month, this year…if you notice them.

I love Piscean’s spiritual spacey oblivion—but this is not the year to continually swim at the depths of the ocean—upward-bound my Piscean sistas/brothas. Upward Bound! 2013 fn: Strongly suggest getting a personal reading.


Xo Passion Card 4You too, the proverbial /water-cooler choppin’ it up could star you and a higher up. Only thing with you, this on-the-job romance may lead to you resigning. Not necessarily due to the nature of how the affair went down—but you really want a new job anyhow.

If you are unemployed you may land a job soon and this romantic feature could fizzle out—quickly. Leading you to only land a second job. This all may occur so swiftly that you won’t know what hit you. A lot of changes. Remember, Uranus is still in your sign. Have fun with it!
But be sure to tighten up your resume. As you know, with the way the market is today, competition is fierce! A trip is shown.

An Aquarius…or an Aquarian Principle. The Water Bearer is a sextile to Aries—auspicious energy. Yet, not all Aries tend to favor Aquarians. This observation is uncanny. I think that you see them as know-it-alls and this can rattle your competitive nature. I challenge you to suspend that nature (ego) and really get into one this month, this year! And watch the windfall! I’d definitely accompany them to the casinos. #justasuggestion


Xo Passion Card 31There could be some restrictive tension with a Capricorn and or a Libra. Don’t sweat it…but do analyze it, quietly. Don’t sweat it in front of them. Don’t allow them to bait you in beef. No need to prove yourself to them or anyone else. There’s a line in Lauryn’s new song “Black Rage” where she sings, in part: “…having to justify your very existence.” Keep that in mind when they come at you wit’ tha bulls*t.

First week play games of chance. Study Study Study! Value family. For this month, and all year +—hold these values near and dear. The King/Queen awaits you. Could be awaiting you in you. Activate your regal cells! <3

2013 overview for you:
Ruminating, going within…the break-up was painful but it would have only rendered more pain had you remained. The reign is to come. Concentrate on goals and cut through obstacles with sharp precision—mentally speaking.


How have you been using the Jupiter energy sitting in )))and expanding((( your mercurial energy, thus far? You know his natural cosmic home is just across the street from yours, in Sagittarius. Mutual Reception. He came across the street for a little conversation. And who provides that better than the Twin? Juicy Janus Musings. Why Lauryn’s verse “L-Boogie sparks wit’ stars and constellations then came down for a little conversation…” just came to mind? Chill, it’s rhetorical.

Xo Passion Card 19‘Such the energy of where Jupiter is right now—with you. Communication should have been on TEN! Mental activity on TEN! You have till June before he exits II and enters Cancer, to really get it iN!

We all know, Geminis normally don’t have trouble with communicating no matter where Zeus (Jupiter) is stationed, with you or with another, but here, with you, there’s an opportunity to expand your say in a BIG WAY.

Use the time wisely—Lauryn Hill sure has. Her new music and recent tours have been incredible!

  • Travel.
  • Try to clear debt.
  • Write.
  • Study.
  • Love Affair—an intense one.
  • Quality time with children…all shown.

There could be some delays, just remember to pull the proverbial Jupiter cord—and the path shall be cleared soon. Stay the course!
2013 Insight:

  • There’s been a heartbreak…it’ll mend. Don’t block the creative flow—a spiritual teacher could show up to share their sage insight with you; but you can’t be blocked—if you are to wholly receive.

Spiritual, mental, blockages can make one physically ill. Look into pranayama & fasting from meats for a spell.


Xo Passion Card 11The first couple of weeks at work, love could be in the air…leave it there. Don’t get me wrong, enjoy the attention, but don’t let it go to your head—it’ll dissipate before you know it. Stay level-headed. Vocationally speaking, there’s some possible pleasant surprises—be ready to move at moment’s notice. Don’t drop the ball!
The Sweet Tooth is on TEN! Read that Chromium Picolinate works well to reduce sugar cravings.

If you have a significant other, it’ll serve you both well to implement a little separation—just for the first couple weeks of the month. If one of you can camp out at mom’s, cool. S p a c e is healthy. Ebbing & Flowing…balance.
That Scorpio: You’ll either FIGHT or F*CK or BOTH! Keep your eye on them this season.

2013 overview:

  • You may have been beset with that “on the verge” energy; that hurry up and wait sh*t…you may have to give up something (e.g.: person[s], habit, thing, etc…) that no longer serves you well to finally attain what really want, what really wants you—wants to aptly serve you. Then and only then will the pieces form whole again.


Xo Passion Card 6Great aspects for you Lion/Lioness. Marriage shown this season. If not married to a physical loving person, then it’ll be a physical lovely hobby/project. Your heart is healed. 1/26, 1/19, & 1/9th…key dates. As you were…
2013 prediction:
A sweet message is likely to be delivered, at night or by a man—one that’ll be very easy on the eyes.
If you’re willing to work for it—you’ll get want you want this year; but there’ll be protesters (itn’t there always? At least one to two?)—this time, there could be four or five of them. Don’t waste your vital leonine energy trying to justify your position to them. Ig ‘em! Do like I do—tune them out all the while hearing rapper Dot.Com’s lyrics in my head, in part: “…I’m not concerned wit’ your whereabouts, or what you were about, or what you worried ‘bout..” FIRE FREESTYLE!!!
‘Was glad I heard it, it replaced the long, like, decades long, verse I used to hear in my head when an egoic[s] try to project their will on to me… Dove’s [of De La Soul] “…I find it hard enough dealing wit’ my own biz, how you get my name and number…”
This enters tha dome on auto! I don’t have to reach for it, IT just shows up to play on repeat when I encounter a bully and their lame-a*s dogma. OK, I digress. Leo, you feel me? Sure you do. As you were. Great season to be you, The Sun!  Things REALLY HEATIN’ UP for the LION!


Xo Passion Card 22Family will feel real good this month—make peace with them and allow them to make peace with you. If you can manage to distance yourself from negative A-type personalities, this will make for a great month and even better year! If you yourself have such a personality—work hard at shedding it! Loads of me-time can serve to exacting such transformation.

Though solitary serious work is suggested, still find the room to insert some artsy cultural fun into the schedule; i.e.: plays, concerts, movies, etc. Conflict is shown at the workplace. As well as a romantic interest there. I know, quite the paradox. 

The interest will be strong, or they’ll be strong in either stature or position or…all of the above! Fun suggestion: Take voice lessons. Singing is indicated. No, not necessarily to the passionate admirer, just singing for the joy of singing, period.

A young person and his blueprint…help him. It looks like a great plan. There’s some opposition, yes. But… read Leo’s passage above for the advice I gave the Lion on how to handle the naysayers. The prodigy is really on to something! They could really use your keen discriminating skill and financial backing to get the project off the ground. If launched on a New Moon, the coordinates shows sunny skies from there on out.

I strongly suggest getting a personal reading done.


Xo Passion Card 23There could be a funky little discordant dissonant [on the job] this year—the early half especially. Either you gonna do as Funky Dineva perpetually suggest: “GO IN and LET HAVE!” Or you gonna carry on as you were—iggin’ them. We know it’s not the Libra’s way to SOUND OFF ‘n cut tha plumb fool! ‘Especially in what’s considered to be a professional setting. Kudos to class—and to you, for possessing it in spades. But they are really pushin’ it!

If their antics can no longer be ignored, do what you do best—continue diplomacy, yet file the necessary paperwork to facilitate ceasing the foolery. Document everything! Save your money—cause the vocational outcome isn’t clear.

What is clear? Action of some sort from your end is necessary to thwart their vampiric aims. You’ll likely come out of the situation. Whether that “o u t” will be monetarily favorable for you or not remains to be seen. But spiritually, you’ll sure feel like the victor!

Mid to the end of the month, you’re gonna LOVE family and they gonna express love to you too. Relish this. Relish them. Communicate with them—as an ear, mainly. That love may be just what the spiritual doctors ‘ll order to psychological spring back from the drama at work.

A probable move shown. Money to be made overseas or with a foreigner—be open—notice the $igns.
Mmmhmmm, I knew it! Over-kindness, over-extending yourself! You’re a wealth of sweetness and generosity save some for yourself! Scroll above and read Leo’s passage, laser in on the Dot.Com freestyle rap verse—hold that in thought—no, wait…You may have to actual VOICE IT!

Enough already with helping parasites. Now there are some Libras that can ping very well off their Aries polarity and don’t suffer from this brand of kindness—doling daily kindness to the unkind. Clearly, this year-in-preview is not for you!

But our other sweet scales…your imbalance.
The only way to tip the scales of justice in your long-overdue much deserved direction is to get off it. Yes, raise up off the scale.
‘Enough already with holdin’ them down. Or, shall I say…holding them up.

If you envision they and yourself sittin’ on either end of the scales, literally, you would be down (in spirit too), burdened, while they are UP, all lofty up there chillin’ on the upper scale. You’d think they’d be grateful you’re lifting them up? Nope! Sh*t rolls down hill.

  • Not only are they not grateful, they got the nerve to exhibit grave arrogance and surly stance. Jailer/Inmate relationship.

Get off! Yes, with the way the laws of gravity work, once you’re off and up, they will come crashin’ down to the bottom—Balance. Don’t feel sympathy for them Libra! Hey, if you like, you can hand them a band-aid and a lolly pop, but continue on the path of liberation (ever wonder why liberation & Libra sounds so similar?), get off and Get Out!
Know that now, it’ll all balance out. Trust me, it will.

*Once you’re healed from this ordeal, a sweet knight could deliver a sweet message.


Xo Passion Card 12There could be some restrictions…remember you’re water. More than water, you are The Transformer! Rely on creativity versus might to allow your waters to seep in to the desired outlet. Tip: find that video where Bruce Lee says, paraphrasing, “…you gotta be like water. Be water.” Yeah, that!
Some say they wish that relationships came with “expiration dates.” I say, they do. Soon as they or the union sours—it, or something (they as you knew them before) expires. Let it go. Honor Endings. Good season for business. Take a class, if necessary. Declutter.

  • Suggestion: Add Maca to those smoothies. A new love in shown in the neighborhood; either with a new neighbor or a new neighborhood or both. Your famous/infamous eagle-eyed vision won’t have to be applied here—their intent will be obvious. They’re likely spot you first.

The ideas you mulled over last year may come to fruition. Inspiration to the nth power is highlighted! New Start. Clean Slate. The fruits of your labor may be resented by two others—you’ll do your best to compromise and keep the peace. If this peace and placating of yours doesn’t soothe their senses (ego), then I also invite you too to scroll above and recite Dot.Com’s freestyle lyrics—to yourself, mentally; don’t wanna outright upset the egonics. Lol… You get my drift.
Sometimes you just gotta sever-in-love. And know when to honor the proverbial sell by date in all your endeavors.


Xo Passion Card 6We know you’re cognizant on how you perceive folks, now, this month, this year, be open to seeing how they perceive you. Forensic mind…a flood-wave of innovative ideas. Be sure to write it all down—quickly, so not to lose the thought.
Loads of people are shown, not clear whether you know them personally or not—but be open to social calls. Aim high (as only The Archer can); hold out for your true desire.

You may have been dwelling on the past. Sometimes it’s necessary to reflect to heal. Or to reflect to avoid crashing. Liken to having to look in the rear-view mirror to properly parallel park. Through sincere rumination and reason you’ll resolve how that wrong was righted. No more learning the same ole same ole the hard way. Recapture your youth! The spark needs re-igniting!

More Juicy Goodness!