Video artist damali abrams of Self Help TV shows us how to make peppermint honey at Jackie Robinson Park in Harlem, NYC. Thanks to the blog Honey Traveler for all of the text below, which explains what Peppermint Honey is and the photo image. Honey Traveler shares everything we always wanted to know about honey — and then some! 

Hello Bombshell,

Let’s make peppermint honey!

Peppermint Honey is a rare find these days in spite of the fact that mint it is widely cultivated. Peppermint is a naturally occurring hybrid mint, a cross between watermint and spearmint. It is found wild occasionally with its parent species. Peppermint honey crystallizes into a dense, fine buttery consistency, easily softened in warm water. It has one of the most powerful aromas of all the mints.

Surprisingly, the honey does not taste like like what you might expect, peppermint candy. In fact, it has a strong musky aroma, which when combined with the menthol packs a powerful punch. The flavor is strong too, but it surprisingly good. It is medium sweet with a lingering after taste. It is a amber colored in liquid form and lightens to a beautiful caramel when crystallized.

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