(Diary) Hosting the Literary Awards: What Was I Wearing?

(Diary) Hosting the Literary Awards: What Was I Wearing?

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Abiola & Real Girl Curves vs. the Supermodel
I was honored to be the 2010 host for the 6th Annual African American Literary Awards in New York City. The Awards are about honoring authors and publishers. This year we honored Dr. Cornel West, Sonia Sanchez, Terrie Williams and Hill Harper but many of you have been emailing me to ask about my dress…
My literary awards show gown was designed by Erica Davies for her defunct high end line and it cost $1250.00 at Dash, the Kardashians’ Calabasas, California store. Yes, they hooked me up with a super-sweet discount. My favorite thing about this dress? It’s so long that I wore flat $5 sandals from a dollar store under it and no one knew the difference. Erica Davies now has a low price QVC line of everyday stuff but no more “ready to wear couture” unfortunately.

The dress also comes in the short version on the left.


I felt so “well moisturized,” read oily, that night! 🙂 I had Moroccan Oil in my hair and Carol’s Daughter oil on my skin. I smelled good, but in retrospect it was a wee bit too much!!

My personal oil slick skin & hair care prep! :-)

I hung the dress temporarily on my dress form so that I can enjoy it!

My Dash, Calabasas dress

The $5.00 flip flop sandals I wore because my gown was long enough to cover my feet and I knew I’d be standing for 3 or 4 hours!

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