Current mood: giggly

the word for today boys and girls is completion.

one of my resolutions for this year was to tie up the loose in ends in my personal and private life.

(actually, i form resolutions all the time. you don’t have to wait for january 1st to form resolutions, my love…)

regarding the completion and expansion of my films, there is progress! i love collaborating. well, i am learning to love it really. life is a team sport. no need to be a one man band, get together with like minded people and SOAR.

all you’ve gotta do is ask the universe and opportunities appear and doors open when we believe. sounds like BS i know, but i am a living testament! then take action!

Currently reading :
Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires
By Esther Hicks
Release date: 01 October, 2004