The African Goddess Rising Oracle deck was created by Abiola Abrams and illustrated by Destiney Powell. Learn more here:

Goddess of Giving
& Receiving Egypt
Temple: Conjurers
Element: Air

Goddess Ma’at represents alignment, truth, and balance. Her name means “order,” as her father, Egyptian sun god Ra, rose out of the chaos and put her in charge of divine justice.

Ma’at’s Guidance
Reset your harmonic balance. You are out of alignment. The sacred scales command you to give and receive. If you receive without giving, you are selfish and out of alignment. If you give without receiving, you are stuck in martyrdom and out of alignment.

Giving and receiving is spiritual law—and spellwork. Give time, money, service, resources, and good vibes. If you are a generous giver, cultivate a practice of receiving. Receiving is a sacred feminine principle that makes many uncomfortable. Receive compliments, joy, support, pleasure, friendship, money, and love. They are all the same to Spirit.

Goddess Declaration
“I give easily and freely. I receive freely and easily.”

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