“Michael welcomes award-winning author, intuitive self-love coach, podcaster, global retreat leader, and founder of Mawu’s Goddess Mystery School, Abiola Abrams. Abiola’s personal development teachings are based on the power of ancestral teachings, rituals, meditation, and chakras combined with the ancient wisdom of the Divine Feminine. Her latest book, “From Imagination to Reality: Secret Manifestation Lessons and the Law of Assumption from Abdullah, Master Alchemist,” is being released by Hay House this month. Abudullah was an early 20th-century Ethiopian Rabbi and metaphysical teacher who influenced many spiritual teachers, including Neville Goddard…” –via @michaelbbeckwith

Manifesting Your Dreams with Michael Bernard Beckwith: A Journey Through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Magic

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Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be reading from my “Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle” deck with the iconic Michael Bernard Beckwith. Yet, there I was, shuffling cards and delving deep into ancestral wisdom, on the latest episode of the “Take Back Your Mind” podcast. 

The Journey to the Podcast

It was an electrifying moment when Michael Bernard Beckwith, renowned evolutionary leader, speaker, and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, introduced me on his transformative podcast. Known to many from his pivotal role in the documentary The Secret, which brought the concepts of manifesting and the Law of Attraction to the mainstream, Reverend Michael has been likened to the Abdullah of our times. Discussing the Law of Assumption with him was particularly thrilling, given his profound influence on the spiritual landscape.

Unveiling “From Imagination to Reality”

From Imagination to Reality: Secret Manifestation Lessons and the Law of Assumption from Abdullah, Master Alchemist

Our conversation centered on my latest book, “From Imagination to Reality: Secret Manifestation Lessons and the Law of Assumption from Abdullah, Master Alchemist,” published by Hay House.

Abdullah, a mysterious early 20th-century Ethiopian Rabbi and metaphysical teacher, profoundly impacted spiritual teachers like Neville Goddard, which we explored deeply.

Rev Beckwith wrote the foreword for the book that is in the Kindle version and the audiobook.

Exploring the Law of Assumption

During the podcast, Rev. Michael and I explored the core concepts of the Law of Assumption—how it empowers us to manifest our reality by assuming the feeling of our wishes being fulfilled. This law isn’t just theoretical; it’s a practical toolkit for anyone seeking a life of joy and abundance.

We discussed common obstacles to manifestation, highlighting our own limiting beliefs and entrenched thinking patterns as the major barriers, and shared simple yet profound strategies to overcome these challenges.

I shared transformative processes and exercises from my book designed to help individuals craft the life they imagine for themselves. These tools are gateways to deeper self-awareness and alignment with one’s desires.

Oracle Decks and Spiritual Tools

We also discussed my oracle decks, including the “African Goddess Rising Oracle” and the “Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle,” which serve as pathways to understanding and invoking the power of the Divine Feminine and connecting with ancestral wisdom.

A Meeting of Minds

Reflecting on our first meeting years ago at Bob Proctor’s Modern Day Millionaire event, where Michael shared the main stage and I was a speaker in a breakout room, it’s clear how our paths were destined to cross. Both Michael and Bob Proctor, also a star of The Secret, have shaped the narrative around wealth, success, and spiritual laws in significant ways.


At Bob Proctor’s 2016 Modern Day Millionaire inspirational conference.

Connect and Continue the Journey

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Go on this journey with us and transform your life from imagination to reality. It’s your time to manifest your dreams and awaken the goddess within.