Passion Party: Let’s Talk About Sex Toys, Essence Mag’s Valentine’s Day Party + My BONUS SEX TOY TIPS
Passionista Principle: You have a right to your pleasure. If you don’t know what pleases you then how will someone else?

Yay! Essence Magazine recently had an on-camera sexy “Passion Party” discussion for their February 2011 Valentine’s Day issue hosted by lovely Editor Demetria Lucas and sex toy sales goddess Ronnie Carlton. I was invited to share my tips, tricks and ideas.I had so much fun– and it was a great conversation. I was invited Check out the four other exceptional women included on the guest list below — and grab the magazine on newsstands now and read it for yourself. Regina King is on the cover. Thanks, Essence!

And, as a special bonus, after the jump, I made a list just for you of my Top 5 Passionista Recommendations; Discrete Beginner Sex Toys for a party of one or for you to use with your partner.
5 UNIQUE STARTER SEX TOYS — that are a little different from what you might be expecting.

1) THE VIBRATOR PEN by Dr. Laura Berman– The Berman Lima Vibrating Pen may just be one of Oprah’s Favorite Things! Dr. Laura Berman is the official sex educator of The Oprah Winfrey Universe. She’s been on the show several times as a sexuality  correspondent and she’s an Oprah Radio Host.

Vibrator Pen from Laura Berman as seen on Oprah

Dr. Laura Berman’s undercover pen vibrator comes with a “silicone tickler sleeve with vibrating nodes.” My favorite thing about this discrete and travel-friendly Vibrator Pen is that it actually writes really well. It’s a substantial pen that just happens to run on watch batteries with the purpose of making you howl. Batteries are included. Talk about getting rid of writer’s block! Mont Blanc eat your heart out.

2) MINI MAX LIPSTICK VIBRATOR  – Those looking to buy a discrete mini vibrator need look no further than this sleek lipstick vibrator. The lipstick vibe shade doesn’t matter. Slip the Fashion Diva Lipstick Vibrator into your makeup bag – clean of course- and no one will ever know. This waterproof mini vibrator is made of plastic.

BONUS – Adult Sex Toys also carries a SECRET VIBRATOR MAKEUP BRUSH. I haven’t seen the Mini Max Vibrator Makeup Brush in person yet but it has the same sleek design as the Vibrator Lipstick so your “personal massager” privacy is still protected. And definitely don’t forget the Adult Toy Cleaner.

3) MEN’S TOY: PIRATE’S PURPLE PLEASURE RING– Confession. I love to wear huge, gaudy cocktail rings and when I first saw the Purple Pleasure Ring I actually thought that it was a vibrator hidden in a cocktail ring. Imagine my surprise when I realized – WOW – this “cock-tail ring” is really a penis ring for men with an attached vibrator bullet for clitoral stimulation. Boom Boom Pow.

And if you’re feeling bold and naughty ladies, go for it! Wear the sex ring as a cocktail ring. You would definitely be making a statement. But as far as sex toys for men go the penis pleasure ring is designed for adventure.

4) EDIBLE BRA OK, we’ve all heard of edible panties but I had never heard of the Edible Bra! This would definitely be a cool bachelorette party gift. The box says “Tame him passionately.” Warning – when you open the package the edible bra’s smell and presentation will remind you of a fruit roll up. Remember those? The edible bra flavor is pink champagne. Funny and sexy gift for girlfriends with a sense a humor. We actually did a taste test and ate one right out of the box on an episode of my web TV show!

5) PENIS ENLARGER & ENHANCER– No man that I know will admit openly to needing or wanting the Real Feel Penis Enhancer. But… people looking for men’s sex toys are buying these enhancers  like crazy so there’s a demand for a reason. It also features a removable micro vibrator for clitoral stimulation. We also talked about penis enhancement on an episode of Abiola on LSD: Love, Sex, Dating & Drama.

At first I thought why doesn’t the Real Feel Penis Enhancer come in brown, but then maybe it doesn’t need to! Kidding. No stigmas – dudes, this penis enhancer enhances your girth and length!

SO there you have it. In plain English: 5 unusual starter sex toys to get you going.

AND PLEASE NOTE: If these adult sex toys are still too extreme for you, start off with something sensual and seductive like body paint. I recommend Kama Sutra Milk Chocolate Body Paint which comes with an adorable paint brush for the art lover in you. Fun! And who doesn’t enjoy chocolate?

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