Our astrological wonder woman GREAR SHINES with this month’s horoscopes… As usual, I’ve left in all of the wonderful grammatically magical Grear-isms so that you can catch the full meaning of her unique way of communicating. Tell your friends because a year from now we see this column THRIVING.

Happy Birthday, Scorpio!!

Many years ago I called my mom’s job, asked for her, discovered she had stepped out. The person that answered, a co-worker, a man, one with a nice voice (I might add), informed me of this. Apparently my “nice voice” sentiment was mirrored. How? He said so. ‘Voiced that complement right after asking, “And who should I say called?” I responded all coyly, “her daughter.” He continued, “…when I met her daughter she looked to be ‘round seven years old.” I informed that that was my sister; then followed with, “I’m her oldest daughter…the grown one.” I could hear his smiling through his throat as he went on, “…I see.” It was clear he wasn’t trying to hang up the horn, neither was I. Long story short, convo kick-in, or flowed in, as smoothly as Teddy Pendergrass entering the song Feel the Fire after Stephanie finished her first velvety verse.

Being the astroMama I’ve always been I asked him his sun sign. He responded, “The one that rules all of us.” I replied, “Aquarius?” He corrected, “No. That’s the humanitarian—the civil one; how we’re suppose to comport ourselves when we get here. I’m the sign that rules HOW WE GET HERE.”

Now, this is back in the ‘90s, my cosmic studies weren’t as intensive as they are today…I couldn’t figure out, for the life of me, which sign he was referring to… Finally, he asserts with force and stinging passion (interrupting the intense loaded silence), “SCORPIO!”

Enough about Mommy’s then-cutie-pie-co-worker—The Sexy Stinger!

Hi my intense Sexy Stingers. How’s it going? Having Saturn stationed with y’all for a bit. Fret not. Use this powerful disciplined energy to your advantage: Heal the Hurt. Don’t fight the pain, heal it…as only The Transformer could: Deeply, hidden (magick), & Powerfully!

Yours is the only sign that has three phases: reptile, eagle, phoenix. Regenerative. Magick is a Scorpion entity. If you should ever embrace the esoteric sciences on any level, you’re likely to feel right at home there (here). Yes, Scorpio rules the sexual organs, sex itself. But what most don’t realize is it’s your sun sign that can also master celibacy, with no problem! Why? Because Scorpio rules death and birth/beginnings and endings. You don’t like to do the “little bit celibate” thing. Either I’m ALL IN or ALL OUT.

“Middle Ground” is an uncomfortable station for the stinger; it’s either “on” or “off” with you. As ambivalent and fickle some can be in this world, you’ll find that most either laud this trait or hate this trait. Either way, it’s Scorpio. Be sure YOU embrace it. Self-acceptance rises self-esteem. Smiles…

This month, your month, watch impulsive spending. Though the eighth house (your cosmic home) holds juicy Jupiter for a good three weeks, I tend to always advise hitting up the casinos to cake up. If that’s (gambling) your thing? You know your Scorpionic colors right? OK, tip: I usually don’t share this with anyone! Gratitude.

When about to throw the dice, mentally hold that scene in that Salt & Pepa (Pep is a Scorp. Happy B*Earth Day, Sandy) music video “Shake Your Thang,” where the fellas are dancing, wearing red, white and black short sets. Yes!
‘Not all the time, but enough times for me to make note: holding them in mind just before I THROW the dice activates $umthin’! #justashare

You’re lucky to receive such data. Next year Mama G won’t be delivering these jumbo juicy astro-shares anymore. It’ll be quite truncated, if you will. Okay, where was I? Yes, this month for you, sun sign, Scorpio… The eclipse coming up is a BiG deal for all of us. Surprises tend to come with eclipses. Transformer, you decide what kind of “Surprises” can enter your personal space. To do this, c l e a r those intense thoughts. Or else, you’ll KNOW exactly what flavor the Surprise will shock in: the ones that’ll match each and every fixed rigid thought you’ve held during the past year and a half.
I highly recommend finding out what the eclipse was just before you were born. Knowing this is key to discovering what toll you are to pay to clear the karmic earthly debt of receiving an earthly body. I suggest Jan Spiller’s book “Spiritual Astrology” for this discovery. No, not pals with Spiller, or work for her or her publishers in anyway. Yes, I’m one of those rare astrologers that actually and sincerely recommend other ones. Uranus aspected the way it is for yours truly, truly affords ego-free sharing.

During the Mercury Retrograde, of course no new anything…if this can be helped. Third week of the month, good time to sell items. Also, beware of beefin’ wit’ siblings and or neighbors around this time. If the friction if fiction, fu*…forget it! In short, choose your battles wisely. If it chooses you, reroute its energy, Transformer. Being the water sign of all Water Signs, you feel deeply—y’all be the unforgiving depths of the sea… still…before you see the serpent in the “S” that leads in the spelling of “S-torm S-andy” and you Wash High WAVES over their a*ses, just make sure the consequences will be worth the action. Pause before you Punch! Sever-in-Love as oppose to Raging-in-Beef.
Creative Psychological Geniuses!

Suggested Exercise: Cop a bottle of that Alpha Brain. Visit the Madame Toussaint’s wax museum, find one (statue) of a star that’s your opposite sign (Taurus) and meditatively send it good vibes… write your experience of this trip in a journal, bury it… read your words this time next year.

Crystals to work with: Black Tourmaline & Iron Pyrate
Noteable Scorpions:

  • Dorothy Dandridge
  • Minnie Rippleton
  • Sinbad
  • Otis Williams
  • P. Diddy
  • Ciara
  • Mike Evans
  • Whoopie Goldberg
  • Melba Moore
  • Martha Elder
  • J.J. Grier
  • Drake
  • Goldie Hawn

The new moon solar eclipse this month can really spark some serious amorous feelings for you Archer. Because we’re in Scorpio, they won’t be light fanciful feelings…oh no, they’ll come on Strong—and Sudden! They’re likely to be aimed at a friend or a person that’s very friendly or an Aquarian or this person can encompass all three.
Be wise, astro-wise, to know that “transits” are exactly that—a passing sensation. This is how “flings” occur. Be sure they know your true intent: fun or fire! OK, I know, to a Sag, what’s the difference? Lol… Just be honest. Don’t lead them to believe that the romance may last longer than the transit does. Bear in mind, if the target is indeed an Aquarian, Aquarius is air in mode. Air and fire have a high tolerance for one another. i.e.: heartbreak or love loss may not be an issue here.

Mars in the first. Yep, you too, possible fights. Look above at what I penned for Scorpio pertaining to possible caustic encounters. Scorp is water, they may pause to examine. A fire sign, the archer at that? Not. Y’all getsITiN! But please, embrace some of your cosmic next door neighbor tenets: forensics. Study it before you hit it. Gosh, how did that read? You know what I mean! Lol… Mars will enter your Sun soon…lets hope no confrontations take place for you by then. Mid month send out random love to the universe. Why? Jus’Jup’It! Just do it!
Last of the month watch the debt; try not to accrue anymore.
Embrace some much needed me-time.


In our circle we speak in unique astro-celestial terms. Terms I gather most other astrologers don’t use; or know to use. We dig it. We can’t help it, seem like. Like, at the end of most scribes, we’d sign off with a loving, “D.R.O.” An acronym for “divine right order.” Now, being from ‘tha hood, I’m well aware of what “dro” is short for…chuckles… However, here in this context, it connotes what’s listed above.

“Dro” is what came to mind when I studied the cosmos for the month of November with Sea Goat in mind. We know you have to be accomplished. Upward mobile is the only direction as far as you’re concerned; but pace yourself. No need to rush.

Slow down this month. Take it easy. Dare I say this: Consider spirituality or esoteric study…if only for these thirty days. Or yoga.

Anything to slow your mental processes down. The cardinal race can resume itself in December… that’s if you’d wanna even re-enter such a race. ‘Zen is not such a bad state to remain in.


Most of the month, the top of it especially, you could really fall in love with academia: foreign studies, in particular. Or, you may just fall for a foreigner. ‘Don’t have to convince an Aquarian to be open to such possibilities. Your mind on a new love or research studies may be just the outlet required to keep you from interacting with tha chums. That’s right, if you can, avoid tha homies all month; at least from the fifth to the twenty-sixth. Buddy-Breaks can be healthy. The great poet/author Kahlil Gibran wrote in his famed book The Prophet, paraphrasing, “…let there be separatedness in your togetherness.” I concur!

With the way the transits, heavenly bodies move, even the cosmos dictate this! Hence, the advice herein. Your ruling planet is currently in Aries—will be there a while longer. You should feel abuzz with new ideas: write them down. Even if it doesn’t seem to make any sense, document them anyway! The second week this month is of supreme cosmic note to do some writing, for you Water Bearer.

By the end of the month there could be some resentful vibes—you just don’t think they were appreciative. Heal this mal-feeling in prose. Again, write. This upcoming eclipse could mark “crisis” or “career” or a career in the crisis-field. i.e.: law enforcement, 911 operator, EMT, etc. Be on the lookout. Prepare prudently.


If you are into astrology then you know which ones are the generational planets: yes, the biggies. You have your sun sign swimming comfortably in Neptune and Chiron right now. This means, at this time, your healing, as an individual now, can work to heal the WHOLE. As Frankie Beverly & Maze sung in their classic song, We Are One. We Are. At certain times certain signs can do certain things that’ll positively affect the collective. What a grand position to be in. Hold it responsibly. Suggestions: Meditative walks with children is shown. Do more listening to them than instructing them. Fasting with food grade peroxide is shown; use very little. Be sure to dilute first with distilled water, add organic cherry juice to it. Just a small glass in the mornings should suffice. Avoid dairy and meats for at least the first three weeks of the month. Watch how you feel. Remember, the aspects shown right now for your sun sign, not only will you feel better, but the world will! Send positive vibrations of wholeness and wellness out to the universe as you walk. *Gratitude*


It’s been said that the past writes the script for the present. As a fun exercise, if you like, research the last time Uranus was in your sun sign: Aries. Take notes. Then measure how those times/events then parallel to what’s occurring now.
It’s also said that history repeats itself—the merry-go-round of madness or happiness? You edit the script. Be sure to edit in a way that’s not just beneficial to you, but to the world, wholly. Widen your thoughts. Wholeness and Balance.


Remember all the fun I told you was to be had for the bull last month? Did you seize it? How many dates? Well, if you did, one of the people you met may prove to be not what you thought they were at all. The mask comes off this month. Either they’ll pull it off or you will. Let’s hope it’s the former. If you yank it off, won’t be pretty…especially if unveiled near the new moon eclipse. Yikes!

If this soothes any, it wasn’t deliberate; their deception. ‘Sometimes the stars do shows up there with Neptune—it is what it is. Tip: Avoid them mid-month. This way when you do find out it’s at a time you might not feel compelled to do something that could carry some not so nice consequences.


Someone posted a quote the other day on facebook, one with a purple background; purple is the color of royalty—Jupiter’s color, Amethyst, thus, it’s also associated with Aquarius. I noticed this brilliant majestic color before even reading the words that lain on it: “What are you Manifesting?” Gemini these are the words that come to mind when I examine the sky for you for this month of November. As with most of us, we’re very aware of the energy we’re receiving, but usually not conscious of the energy we’re dispensing. Self-honesty will heal and rev up your natural verve. Suggestion: Before heading out the door inhale love and exhale gratitude to Tiamaat (Earth). Do this three times with clear headedness and deep sincerity. D.R.O.


Restless? Yes? OK, that’s fifth house funk. Not your usual moody moon phase vibe, huh? In fact, you’re used to that, that’s kinda like a high for you by now. No, this is another breed of restless sensory—your next-door neighbor’s: Leos’. Use it. Don’t diss it. Create. Create. Create. Life throws limes at ya, catch ‘em and or duck, scoop ‘em up and make a key lime pie.

Point-in-Case, don’t want you to think I’m just talkin’ outta my astro-ass here… I braved the elements, the Sandy Elements, recently and went outside—had to! A huge tree branch broke off and nearly took my dome off! I ducked! Looked back at it on the wet ground and said, “You wanted me? Sure you did. YOU CERTAINLY CAME FOR ME!” I shrugged, then closed with “You come with me.” Sure I got odd looks walking down the street holding that big ole heavy thing, but I figured, if I could merit “looks” while Sandy was doing her or its thing, divert attention from her? Upstage Sandy? That’s hella creative!
Papa and I will strip it and create a coat rack outta it. See? Create. Doing so activates The Creator in you.


Whatever wishes or plans you held in 2011 should prove tangible this month or at least before the year is up. Even plans (or wishes) you may have cancelled or forgotten about, yes, those too. No more talking, walk your walk. Own your path. Ideas, especially ones that serve the greater whole are of note for coming to pass. The end of the month shows some family issues—you may not feel validated as you should by them. Don’t allow this to get under your skin. Give them space. You take some too. Next month they may see clearly. If not, you sure will.
Be kind and patient to Cancers…treat them as you would treat a houseguest—cause for most of this month, they are—in the cosmic sense.


As analytical as you are, I find it hard that the sky is indicating deception, of some sort this month, for the Virgin. You tend to catch such things before they catch you! This tells me it may not be pre-meditative deception. Meaning, it could just be a “hidden” matter.

Your opposite sign, Pisces is shown. Be alert with them. This may sound strange, but I’d keep all closet doors open in the house; just for November. Pisces rules the hidden, it rules closets too. Open them as a symbol of “opening what’s closed” in the ethereal sense. Be sure (if it’s possible) to get all important documents signed before the fifth…or wait till after the twenty-sixth. No major purchases. Read the fine print with a magnifying glass—read it twice. ‘Cross those ts and dot those i’s. Don’t be paranoid, just prepared.


The new moon in Libra last month on the fifteenth should have sparked a shift. Ushered in a new lease on life for you. If you were conscious of it—the breakthroughs should occur this month. Especially around midmonth and the eclipse. Like your fellow cardinal buddy, Cancer, you too could spend a lot of time this month creating. Name each piece you create after one of your heroes or sheroes; make it in their name. Be cognizant of your elders—one (or two) will tell you something—gotta listen intently, though.