No Strings Attached DVD Watching Party: Girls Nite In


Passionista Principle: “You did a good job, so… I thought you deserved a balloon.” No Strings Attached the movie

Hey Rockstars,

The romantic comedy film “No Strings Attached” is out on DVD today. The movie stars Demi Moore’s hubby, aka Ashton Kutcher, and our favorite “Black Swan,” Natalie Portman. The fab people at No Strings Attached sent me goodies for a Girl’s Night in No Strings Attached DVD Watching Party so I invited two of my best friends, NYC producer-editor Kristal Mosley of and actor-producer Patranila Jefferson of American Candy, to join in on the fun. (The No Strings Attached package was actually a Two-Disc Blu-ray DVD Combo and Digital Copy.)

Girl’s Night In Movie Nights are fun no matter what happens on screen because you’re hanging with your girls. It’s been a long winter so I was looking forward to catching up with PJ and Kristal the Texas Dread. I had a $50.00 gift card to throw the party and the movie company also sent me 3 pairs of Eros fuzzy socks and Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcake Mix.
As an Official Lifestyle Passionista I love entertaining. My objective was to throw the most fun No Strings Attached themed party I could with the budget plus create great gift bags for my friends.


Patranila, Kristal & Abiola - Remotes Ready for Girl's Night In!
Patranila, Kristal, Abiola – Remotes are ready!


The Eats for My Girl's Nite In Party
Girl’s Night In Party Spread – Party Table Accented by Condoms to Keep with the NSA Theme


My Garlic Barbecue Ajave Chicken
My Garlic BBQ Agave Chicken – recipe soon


My Garlic Barbecue Agave Chicken Recipe is coming soon but meanwhile check out my Orange BBQ Vodka Chicken recipe and Gary Vaynerchuck’s wine recommendation to accompany it.


The Wine & Gift Bags
Vineyard Creek Wine and No Strings Attached Official Paraphernalia Wine Opener


Girl's Nite In Menu: White Chocolate Macadamian Nut Cookies
White Chocolate Macadamian Nut Cookies – I wanted to upgrade our cookie experience but we all still missed the Entemman’s!


Girl's Nite In Menu: Garlic Edamame
My Garlic Pepper Olive Edamame – recipe soon.


Girl's Night In: Trying Not to Make A Popcorn Mess!
Getting my favorite Popcorn On – Newman’s Own
Patranila Looking Fabulous on Girl's Night In!
Patranila watching No Strings Attached.


Kristal at Girl's Night In
Kristal the Texas Dread watching No Strings Attached.


Sprikles Red Velvet Cupcake Mix
The NSA movie folks sent us Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcake Mix but my oven is broken!


Gift Bags Goodies for my Girl's Nite In
The No Strings Attached Gift Bag Goodies: Socks, Condoms, Condom Cases, Popcorn swag.


My Gift Bags for Kristal & Patranila
My gift bags for Kristal and Patranila.


Party Gift Bag Detail
Gift Bag detail — I forgot to add the cookies!


Anabelle Kitty Kat at Movie Night
Anabelle Kitty Kat behaved herself and watched the movie… Well, kinda!


Girl's Night In! Watching Party for No Strings Attached
No Strings Attached DVD, Eros Socks, Just in Case Condom Cases, Durex Love Box Condom Cases & Sensis Condoms.


The film No Strings Attached is about a couple that decides to have a casual relationship. Like Friends with Benefits — but without the friendship. 

Abiola's Dating Manifesto
My Dating Manifesto Cards left over from my MTV Made/ Smingle Speed Dating Party!


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Three months free on for YOU!

Take advantage of the 3 month’s free membership on dating site Perfect Match. Go to to sign up and don’t forget to read my post about online dating and safety.


My Favorite Snack Crack
Our favorite Snack Crack: Tostitos Chips and Queso; Essential to any Girls Night In.


Patranila, Kristal, Abiola on Girl's Nite In
Head Chicks in Charge: PJ, Kristal the Texas Dread, Abiola
Thanks for playing with us…