Scandalosity? Et tu, Bravo?

Oh, fuckerooni.
Yes, I know that you can’t own a word– unfortunately.
But in 2007 when we were developing my web series The Planet Abiola Show, which has now become Abiola’s Kiss and Tell TV we needed a way to describe what we were about. I came up with “FUN, INSPIRATION & SCANDALOSITY.”
Perfect Abiolacabulary.

We googled the word “scandalosity” and it didn’t exist. NO ONE else was using it anywhere on the web at least. And now Bravo TV (one of my favorite networks) is talking Scandalosity – “the speed at which scandal measured in velocity can turn you into a star.” Well, that’s certainly more specific than my definition was.
*Stomps feet.*

Fine, Bravo. Go for it. Talk Scandalosity. Only because I love my Bravolebrities. And because google is showing that yes, Abiola Abrams, official TV Big Mouth used the word first!

**When you google SCANDALOSITY and ABIOLA you get 1,200 entries!**

*Tantrum complete.*