Do you know the weekly national urban newspaper Rolling Out Urbanstyle? It comes out on Thursday or Friday depending on where in the country you live. My run as a guest columnist is 6 weeks.

Here’s this week’s column!

Someone you need to know—

Meet Abiola Abrams… One to watch!
Advice goddess, TV host, Author & Indie Filmmaker
Move over Dear Abby lovers, there’s a new advice giver in town. Meet Dear Abiola! Over 28 million viewers have watched Abiola Abrams for the past two years as the host of award-winning short film competition The Best Shorts on BET J and guess what? She’s also a published author and art filmmaker. Abiola’s debut novel Dare, published by Simon and Schuster, is the runaway hit story of a sociologist who goes undercover as a rapper. It’s been called the black Bridget Jones Diary, and a must-read. Dare is available on, Barnes and Noble or wherever books are sold. The story is fun, literary, motivational and for the next 6 weeks Abiola Abrams brings her inspirational vibe here to Rolling Out.
The back cover of Abiola’s novel Dare says: Provocative. Empowering. Outrageous. Fearless. There are many ways to describe Abiola Abrams, the TV host, feminist filmmaker and creator of The Goddess Factory— she’s a dash of Oprah Winfrey, a sprinkling of Martha Stewart, plus a healthy dose of Candace Bushnell. What would be the result if she poured her life changing energy into a novel? Dig in and find out how far she goes…

A native New Yorker of Guyanese parentage, Abiola has many nicknames but her favorite is the Goddess of Love, Self Love. Abiola can’t wait to give you advice on love, life, relationships and drama. She decided to go pro on the advice tip when viewers and readers started reaching out to her asking for encouragement in the areas of love, relationships, finances, goal setting, friendship, sex, beauty, fashion, fitness, happiness and everything under the sun. Abiola Abrams is all about fun, inspiration and scandalosity, and her motto is dream bigger and love yourself. Indeed!

Get those questions in!! Abiola Abrams is a TV personality, author and motivator. Get those questions in!! Email your questions from Abiola’s interactive site You can buy the novel Dare by Abiola Abrams wherever you buy books.