You are not what has happened to you. You are not your past. Yet, many of us keep re-living our pasts over and over again. Here is how to move forward.

Happy 12 Days of Blissness Day 11!! 


How to Overcome Your Past

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Hey Gorgeous,

I am getting my house ready to host Christmas for my family tomorrow — and WHOA — this time of year stirs up SO MUCH STUFF!!

We are reflecting on the past year and planning for the new year.

Some of our families have 1 more person, and some of our families have 1 less person.

Then energetically, we are coming from full moon energy and Winter Solstice energy into the holidays, for those of us who celebrate.

Plus some of us are still dealing with STUFF from the past…

Know what I mean?

5 Ways to Start Moving Past Your Past

1, Be Present.
2. Speak it Out.
3. Take Responsibility.
4. Forgive Them.
5. Forgive Yourself.

And most importantly… decide to move forward!

Sacred Success Lessons from a Life Coach- past


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You Are Not Your Past! Overcoming Everything That Happened Before