Business Vision Board Template! 12 Days of Blissness [Videos]

  • Business Vision Board Template!

Business Vision Board Template! 12 Days of Blissness [Videos]

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Happy 9th Day of Blissness!! Business Vision Board Creation…

 Here is the breakdown and template for what we will need on your Business to Blissness Vision Board.

What do you want your dream business to look like in the coming year?


Business to Blissness!

Business Vision Board Musts:

1. A celebration of YOU.
2. Clear mission or vision.
3. What your business ideally looks + feels like.
4. THREE BIG THINGS you are inviting in.
5. Your soulmate clients.
6. How you intend to give back.

Watch! Day 1

Celebrate Your Goals and Big Wins

Watch! Day 2

Your Most Ambitious Goals Should SCARE You

[YouTube Link]

Watch! Day 3

Biggest Life Lessons Learned

[YouTube Link]

Watch! Day 4

Putting Yourself Out There: Introvert? Or Shy? Or Social Anxiety?

[YouTube Link]

Watch! Day 5

Creating a Mission or Vision Statement Before Your Vision Board

[YouTube Link]

Watch! Day 7

How To Make A Vision Board That REALLY Works

[YouTube Link]


Watch! Day 9

7 Must Haves for Your Spiritual Biz Goal Setting


[YouTube Video Link]


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