It’s the Official Year of Passion here on the blog. No matter what’s happened to you in 2012 there’s nothing like January to kick-start your life and this article is all about helping to find a new you in 2013.  Thanks Miss Venga for this great post! -aa

[dropcap]I [/dropcap]just met up with an old friend in London. He was over from Baltimore for the holidays and we met for drinks to catch up before he flew home. On the outside he has it all however, as we got chatting, it transpired that he felt pretty down and from getting divorced to disliking his job everything about his life seemed to be negative. The only silver lining was the forthcoming New Year and as we left each other he proposed making changes to his lifestyle so this time next year he’d be a lot happier.

As I boarded my train back home I got to thinking as to how he could get started on his plan to make some changes in the New Year. I wrote down a few ideas and I’d like to share them with you before I send them to my friend across the pond. So, if you’re looking for a fresh start in 2013 read on and hold on tight because positive changes are just around the corner.

Be Passionately Confident.

It’s easy to tell someone to get confident but it’s not something that you can just turn on and turn off with a click of your fingers. Confidence comes through happiness and feeling that you’re following the right path. If you feel insecure about your look or about the environment that you find yourself in then you’re not going to feel confident no matter what you do.

Start off gradually by finding something that you can do well that also makes you happy. Try to take strength from this source no matter what it is and before long you’ll discover that you’ll begin to feel confident in other areas of your life too.

Be Passionate About Love.

If you’re already in a relationship and it’s going well then good for you however, if you’ve just come out of a relationship or if you’re looking for love then a New Year is often a great time to find Mr or Mrs Right. From buying some new clothes in the sales to getting that long overdue haircut, feeling good about yourself when you look in the mirror will often help you to gain confidence when you’re meeting new people.

Once you’ve bought some sexy new outfits then the next step is to get out there and get dating and ideas such as joining a club, starting a course or online dating will all help you take the initiative this year.

Be Passionate About Spirituality.

If you feel that you want to change in the New Year then it might be because you’ve been lacking something in your life that you can’t quite put your finger on. Often we dismiss spirituality as not having much relevance in the fast-moving modern world but if we give some time to certain aspects of peace and tranquility then we might be surprised to find what’s laying in-store.

Meditation, Tai-chi and yoga are all fantastic ways to get in-touch with our spiritual side and once you find that there’s more to life than materialism then you’re half way to discovering a new you.

Be Passionate About Your Finances.

What with all of the excesses of Christmas sometimes it’s difficult to think how we can save any money but with a little will-power and plenty of planning we can turn our financial woes into financial wows. As with everything, starting slowly and setting achievable goals is an absolute must.

Write down your monthly financial outgoings compared to your financial incomings and then see if you can make some changes to ensure you start to save money.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get out of debt or save up for that all-important summer holiday, as soon as you address your cash crisis head-on then the quicker you can get out of trouble.

Be Passionately Sexy.

As with most of the suggestions here, changes start first and foremost with you. You need to grab the bull by the horns and be proactive as this is the only way you can face the New Year in a positive light. Often finding the correct romantic partner is exactly what you need to spark the change that you’ve been longing for and if you’re looking to give your current relationship some zest.

Often you can begin to exude sexuality by making some simple adjustments to your wardrobe. Buy some sexy lingerie or try a new perfume that makes you feel adorable, once you’re ready to find the perfect partner then get out there and go for it, after all, it’s a New Year so why not unleash the new you.

Happy New You!

Our writer Chris hopes that her friend makes all the right changes in the New Year so they can find the happiness that they deserve. Whoo hoo! We love Miss Venga.

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