I am a VIP Speaker this weekend at Dr. Jeanine Staples Phenomenal Women’s Rockstar Revolution.

Hey Goddess!

Join me live and in-person for a 3-day transformational experience and discover how to reclaim your personal power to truly deeply love yourself and generate the healthy, respectful, fulfilling relationships you desire and deserve.

  • If you’re a smart, professional woman who internally struggles with people pleasing, approval seeking, procrastination, fear of abandonment, rejection, or failure and you’ve generated relationships that don’t feed your soul, this event is for you.
  •    If you’re committed to learning to sincerely, truly love and BE the highest version of yourself so that you can develop relationships that enrich and support you and so you can finally share your true gifts with the world, this event is for you.
  •    If you’re a leader in many areas of your life and you’re ready to feel deeply worthy, clear, confident, connected, courageous, and captivating in your relationship with yourself and your relationships with others, you gotta be in this room.
Attend the PWRR Event to get your whole, entire life right, Phenomenal Woman!
  •  Are you lingering in a relationship where you’re being rejected? 
  •  Wondering how to create a sister circle that’s loving and true?  
  •  Needing to create healthy boundaries? 
  •  Wanting to break intergenerational curses that are keeping you stuck? 
  •  Build your Personal Liberation Project so you can clear it all up and create everything you need to generate an even bigger life and magnetize an even better love NOW.




Goddess of PAris Law of Attraction Retreat