Are you considering going on a spiritual healing retreat?

In addition to being a coach, speaker and writer, I started to create and lead 1:1  goddess retreats because being together in an immersive experience with like-minded people is the fastest way to create change in your life. Many of us have read a book or listed to a podcast and been temporarily inspired, then moved on. The same for a 1-hour seminar. A multi-day experience allows attendeed to break through their comfort zones in an immersive experience.

My next retreat is named the Goddess of Paris! Miracles and Manifestation Retreat. It is a law of attraction spiritual healing retreat kicking off in Chantilly, France in July 2019. Click here to read more about the retreat.


Watch! Goddess of Paris: Q&A

Miracles and Manifesting Spiritual Healing Retreat

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:::: The Goddess of Paris Retreat begins June 22nd, 2019 in Chantilly France.

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Trade your excuses for manifesting miracles.

YES!! The shining photos of the BEAUTIFUL goddesses here are from my juicy 2017 Abundance Pray Love Goddess Retreat in Bali and 2018 Goddess Pray Love Retreat in Belize. 

After each magical goddess retreat was SOLD OUT, I got so many messages expressing REGRET over being too SCARED to take the leap. Those woulda-coulda-shoulda messages broke my heart!!
Will that be YOU? 
Or will YOU RISE to the journey?

Release the legacy of lack & become a MIRACLE MANIFESTING MAGNET. Leave your same ole/same ole life behind for this immersive mind-body-spirit, feminine power, law of attraction retreat.

This high vibe spiritual retreat is for YOU if:

  • You want to manifest your very own fairytale. 
  • You need a COMPLETE CHANGE.
  • “I’m not ready yet” is a constant excuse you make.
  • You miss opportunities that could take you to the next level.
  • Is it hard for you to make decisions and commitments.
  • You get nervous when life is working out.
  • Your biggest blocks are your own limiting beliefs.
  • You are a solution-maker for everyone else except yourself.
  • Whenever opportunities like this retreat come along, you are filled with excuses about why you can’t do it.

FEELING STUCK is NOT your birthright!

Feeling an ABUNDANCE of miracles, love, joy, laughs, passion, pleasure and riches IS…

This high vibe retreat is NOT for you if:

  • You want to stay in your comfort zone.
  • You want to just keep going from self-help book, podcast, course to self-help book, podcast, course without evolving.
  • You want to stay “just not ready yet.” You are not hungry for more.
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Is a Spiritual Healing Retreat for You_ (Goddess of Paris Retreat)
Goddess of Paris! Miracles and Manifesting Retreat
Goddess of Paris! Miracles and Manifesting Retreat