As you know, I am completely into all things meditation. In fact, I am the creator of two guided meditation albums.

But do you know about the fab and mindful guru Michael Atma? He’s a health enthusiast with a focus around mindfulness meditation and self improvement. He is also the best-selling author in the meditation category in Amazon with his latest book, “Master Your Mindspace“.

Now he shares with us the 7 Little Known Secrets of Meditation…

7 Little Known Meditation Secrets by Michael Atma

There are a lot of things about meditation that many people don’t know about. And how could they unless they have spent years finding out for themselves what it’s all about. I haven’t always been a fan of meditation; in fact, I was one of the biggest skeptics around. It wasn’t until I began meditating to help with anxiety that I started discovering some amazing things about this ancient practice.

  1. Meditation is the art of doing nothing with joy

If you find yourself taking your meditations too seriously then you’re missing the point. Meditation is not just another task to be completed each day so that you can tick it off your to-do list. It’s the ultimate gift of joy we can give to ourselves because if we approach it with an attitude of playful curiosity then we can enjoy the journey of re-discovering our inner joy.

Because we are so conditioned these days to be doing something all the time, most of us have lost the simple art of being happy with being present. Unless we can be still and find joy in the simple act of doing nothing then we’ll never truly be at peace with our lives. Peace happens when we let go of the busy mind and find joy in the small things in life such as breathing or what we can see, hear or feel.

  1. Meditation helps you to live totally

Life is for the fun of it, a playfulness, a celebration of who you are, and an opportunity to remember your spirit. Life is about living fully and freely in the moment without holding any part of yourself back because of any pre-conditioned ideas of how you should be. Meditation helps us to see ourselves clearly and to celebrate each moment as if it’s the first and the last we’ll ever experience. When we stop living for the future and drop the need to get bogged down by the past, then we are free to be alive in the moment.

  1. Meditation frees the mind

A free mind is one where we get to experience a deep sense of calm, clarity and focus because we are not bogged down by negative or limiting thought patterns. Meditation helps us to step back from the busy mind and all the distractions that we have to deal with in our everyday lives, and give ourselves space in our head. When the mind is cluttered it can quickly lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, worry, fear and doubt. And just by clearing the mind on a daily basis with meditation we can rapidly de-clutter our lives and enjoy better health, happiness and fulfilment.

  1. Meditation helps to love yourself deeper

One of the fundamental needs of all humans is to love and be loved. Our capacity to give and receive love is infinite, yet many people seem to find it hard to love themselves as much as they love money, things or other people. Unless we can love ourselves fully and freely and be at peace with who we are, without any judgment on ourselves, then our love becomes limited. Limited by our own beliefs about how happy, successful, or loved we deserve to be. Meditation helps us to go deeper into our heart and find a source of love that will never run dry. It also helps us to be more mindful of our thoughts and feelings so that we can step back from those that keep us small and embrace those make us whole. Loving yourself is not hard work, it is an acceptance that you are perfectly okay as you are – this is what meditation will reveal to you.

  1. Meditation helps you to succeed

Success means different things to different people but since meditating I have come to know success in a different way. Before meditation I had a regular job and did very little that required any creativity on my part. Within 6 months of daily meditation I found myself waking up each day feeling inspired to do things like write, sing, dance and try things I previously never would have thought of. Now I have two successful businesses, am a best-selling author, and spend most of my time creating new and exciting things to help others to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

I now link success to living your life with passion and purpose. Meditation helps you to open up new neural pathways in your brain which unleashes your inner creativity. When your creativity flows, then you have the perfect vehicle to express your innermost passion. Without living creatively we tend to have routine and mundane lives that are predictable and monotonous. When that happens we have no need for our creative juices to flow in our lives so it stays locked away inside us, waiting patiently to be released.  Meditation is the magic key that unlocks our creativity and give our life true meaning and purpose.

  1. Meditation can help to heal your life

In terms of having a healthy mind and body, meditation is right up there with the best of them. But what most people aren’t really clear about is why. The science behind meditation and healing is actually quite simple. For our immune system to stay strong so it can do it’s job, we simply need to be more present in our body. Not only does this clear the mind, which helps our nervous system to be under less stress, it also relaxes our body, which helps it to go into repair mode.

It’s because we get so distracted in our busy lives that we become susceptible to mental, physical and emotional imbalance. And if this imbalance is not attended to then our immune system gets compromised and illness can occur. Just by spending a few minutes each day being present in your body you can flood your body with the energy it needs to stay in balance.

  1. Meditation can help improve sexual performance

It may sound strange that something like meditation could do wonders for you in bed, yet when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. One of the things that affect our sex life is that we are more stressed out by work, money, relationships, and many other reasons than ever before. This increases adrenaline and cortisol levels in the body which decreases our sexual drive and performance.

It’s well known that meditation is a powerful stress relieving tool. So logically, it makes sense that if we decrease our adrenaline and cortisol levels, that our sexual drive and performance will increase. There are even mediation techniques for couples that help lovers to open up to deeper levels of intimacy and connection with each other. Our sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies we have in our bodies and when it is explored with love and mindfulness, then it opens us up to a whole new world of experience.

If you were to focus on just one of the meditation secrets mentioned above for the next 7 days you would see profound changes in your life start to unfold. I call meditation the silent power of life as it’s almost impossible to see but it’s impact on the mind, body and the world around us is always noticeable. The next time you look into a baby eyes, or listen attentively to the wind, or gaze gently at a flower in bloom, step back from the mind for a moment and notice the power of meditation that is happening within and around you – all the time.

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Michael Atma is a best-selling meditation and personal development author of Master Your Mindspace, which is a revolutionary fitness book for the mind. His books, seminars and online courses have touched the hearts and changed the lives of thousands of people seeking more happiness, health and fulfilment. Recently, he launched Mindspace.Club home to his Meditation Made Simple Program, where you can change your life in just 5-minutes a day.  Find out more: Mindspace Club or check out Michael’s website