Spiritpreneur School 29! How to Get Out of Your Own Way with The Chief Activator Lucinda Cross

Spiritpreneur School 29! How to Get Out of Your Own Way with The Chief Activator Lucinda Cross

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Do you want to know how to get out of your own way? Are you being held back by obstacles, real and imagined? Listen to this empowering dialogue with the Chief Activator, Lucinda Cross.

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Lucinda Cross - Getting Out of Your Own Way

About Lucinda Cross

Lucinda Cross is a best-selling author, internationally known speaker, spokesperson and energetic teacher of personal and professional development. In 2006, she started the brand Activate Your Life Today! a leadership services firm that specializes in the delivery of personal and professional development enrichment programs. Lucinda creates and delivers products and services that include but are not limited to seminars, workshops, curricula and trainings that are developed for professional women, young adults and at risk women and youth. Her programs are also captured to enriching the lives of professional women seeking personal growth.

Lucinda Cross - How to Rise and Shine

Find Lucinda throughout social media @lucindaspeaks.

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About the Spiritpreneur School Series

Empowerment maven Abiola Abrams created the Spiritpreneur School podcast for heart-based entrepreneurs. Guests have answered their calling, found their purpose, and are rocking it in online businesses and conventional. Transformational Coach Abiola Abrams speaks with heart-based entrepreneurs about business, success, and spirituality.



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