Dating tips for women: Find out if how to overcome your insecurities when it comes to dating. Get dating tips from a top dating coach.

If you have a dating dilemma, expert matchmaker Suzanne Oshima is who you need in your corner. Suzanne is smart, caring, supportive, and never afraid to give tough advice when needed. It may seem as though there are many dating experts out there but Suzanne is in a league all her own. When it comes to love, dating, marriage, and relationships, Suzanne Oshima knows her stuff. I was proud to watch her shine when I was a speaker at her live Single in Stilettos events, and it is exciting to see all of the online offerings she has to serve the lovelorn. This ‘sacred bombshell’ is the real deal.’

By the way, that’s a flashback pic from a few years ago. It’s me with matchmaker and dating coach Suzanne Oshima at Single in Stilettos. I adore this woman — and this was a great conversation about love and self-esteem.

Greetings Sacred Bombshell,

On the “Single in Stilettos Show,” Suzanne interviews the top dating experts and asks them the key dating and relationship questions that single women really want to know the answers to. The dating experts give women the raw truth and tell them exactly what they are doing wrong when it comes to dating and why men keep disappearing and how they can significantly change their dating lives to help them meet, attract, and keep the right man.

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Here’s what Suzanne had to say about our conversation:

  • “On this week’s Singles in Stilettos show, founder Suzanne talks to Abiola Abrams, author of The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self Love, about insecurities and dating. We all have insecurities, but it’s important to fill those holes of self-doubt so you can be your best self. Remember that he can’t love you if you don’t love yourself. In the video above, Abrams shares her best tips for overcoming insecurities when it comes to dating, including: journaling; writing a list of what makes you beautiful; accepting who you are; being grateful; looking within; and surrounding yourself with positive people.”

If you can’t see this video, click here to watch.


By the way, here’s what Suzanne had to say about my new book:

Beautiful. Goddess. Positive. Energy.

Abiola’s essence can be summed up in four words: beautiful, goddess, positive and energy.  She is not only beautiful inside and out, she has an amazing positive upbeat energy and is truly a goddess in her own right.  She has the natural ability and magnetism to make each and every woman feel absolutely amazing and confident enough to draw out her own Bombshell Diva.

Suzanne K. Oshima

Matchmaker at Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette

Founder of Single in Stilettos