I love this magical conversation on this fun podcast!! And as these conversations often are, it turned into a powerful reading.

Here’s what ASH BROWN said: “Abiola blessed my show with her infectious positive energy! I love it! We discussed her highly anticipated African Goddess Rising Oracle Cards and how they can help you on your journey. She also did an impromptu reading on me! Wow!”

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Ash: (01:30)
What it do, cyber world. Welcome to the Ash. Show I am your host, Ash Brown. I appreciate all of the love and support over 1700 episodes and half a million streams worldwide. None of this is possible without you guys. So I thank you so very, very much. Today is a very special, special day. I found one of my sisters from another Mister, and I’ve been following this lady all over the globe, all over social media. Really that’s really where I’ve been following her. And this woman is a self-love coach. She is a phenomenal speaker and an international retreat leader, the wonderfully overly talented and creator of the African Goddess Rising Oracle. The wonderful Abiola Abrams. Hello, Ms. Abrams.

Ash: (02:20)
I feel like I’m dancing [inaudible] I love it. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I know that you’ve got a tight schedule. You are here and there you are trendsetting. You are setting the world on fire. So it is an honor and a pleasure to have you here on my show today. I love you. I love your energy. I’m a New York. Well, first off I want to talk about, I mean, this is all the buzz. It’s a little under a month old. It hasn’t even been a full month since this product has dropped. I’m talking about the African Goddess Rising Oracle that you created. My sister, I got these the same week. They came out. And as we were talking earlier about how, when it comes to Oracle cards and we’re going into the metaphysical and things of that nature, there are not a, there’s not a lot of representation of African goddesses and African Queens and beautiful women of the chocolate descent to actually see this product come out. I was excited. I was hype. I was like, oh my gosh, I got to see, I saw a couple of stills. And I was like, oh my gosh, I have got to get this. This has been such a blessing to me. I’ve done my own private readings and they have been spot on you. You did it. You did that. What prompted you to actually create this product

Abiola: (03:53)
To take it back to the beginning? The beginning, the ancestors, you know, the ancestors really told me that it was my sacred duty and my sacred assignment to create the African goddess rising Oracle cards. And I feel like, you know, they have been preparing me to do this work for a really long time. This particular deck is actually, it works in partnership with a book. There’s a booklet that comes with the deck, but it also works with a book named African Goddess Initiation: Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy. And the book came out in July and then the cards did so well in pre-sale that they moved the data. They were, they were supposed to come out around now, but they moved it up a month or so because they were best sellers before they even came out. And I say that not because not because of anything special about me, but because we are hungry for ourselves, we are hungry for our to see our beauty, our power, our strength reflected.

Abiola: (04:57)
We are starving for that. And so as my first deck that I created the African Goddess Affirmation Cards, I actually created that like maybe over, maybe about seven years or so ago. And it was the first deck of its kind at that time. And I’m proud to say that after that, you know, several people have created, you know, decks that are based on black people, black women. But with this project, it went way deeper. And the reason why is, like I said, it was an ancestral assignment. So goddess in the deck, each card in the deck represents a goddess and entity, or a shadow or an ancestor from our lineage as you know, people of African descent. And one of the things that I am really proud of with this bag is that each that us who were trafficked into the so-called new world, throughout the diaspora, as folks who are listening know, Africa and African people are not just the 54 amazing countries on the continent, but it’s all of us throughout south America, central America, Latin America.

Abiola: (06:18)
And of course, United States, all of us were traffic out of our home. And when we were trafficked worldwide, we hit our gods. Our goddesses are our rituals. We see that in Saint, in songs and tall tales and stories. And for me, this deck was a reclamation because I wanted to include not only the energy of the motherland on the continent itself, but the energy of all of us throughout the diaspora. So there are goddess energies and ancestors from the Caribbean and from the Royal in, from the Gullah Geechee folks, you know, like all of us, this is us.

Ash: (06:59)
Yes. And I love that part. As far as you having the origin stories behind all of these Queens, all of these goddesses, I want to say, I’m looking at it now, goddess of liberation on the Maroons and Jamaica, I was like, Ooh, Jamaica.

Abiola: (07:17)
So first of all, black folks worldwide, if you invite us somewhere, we bring friends. It was the same thing with the goddess. When I opened the door, the ancestors tapped on my shoulder. I opened the door to the goddesses. They brought friends, they brought ancestors, they brought Wayne. All of those are a part of our divine, feminine, spiritual force field around the world. So queen mother nanny enough folks don’t know about her. This woman read 800, 800 people in Jamaica that, you know, she’s on the Jamaican $500 bill. And the way that the story is told is that when the slave ship with God, somehow her and her brothers escaped and made it into the Bush, but they didn’t just chill and say, okay, we good. They came back and burned down, plants, freed 800 folks. Then over into the hill, the Jamaican re remote maroon and her descendants, their descendants are still there as the rising to this day. So he is the goddess of liberation in this deck all about when you, when she shows up, when you pull that card, she is about your personal liberation. And it could be something as concrete, as you know, maybe you’re attached to a job or a relationship that you’re meeting freedom from, but it could also be depending on what cards show up with her, something deeper that you don’t even see yet yourself. You need to take a look at

Ash: (08:50)
Little birdie, told me Ivo that you, uh, you did a little reading all your girl. So I’ve never actually had a reading done on my show. So this first I am, I’m excited and a little nervous, but we were going to do a go at it. Uh, we’re going to do that right now.

Abiola: (09:11)
Absolutely. Let me give a little disclaimer, just because I’m nervous that my bell is gonna ring the bell ring and it’s all good. I live, like I said, I live in New York. I live in Harlem. I don’t have a doorman, but the doorbell waiting for a package. Hopefully it won’t. But if it does, that’s the deal. We’ll all be okay. Okay. So here is the reading. I told cards before we got on the line and no surprise. I called goddess yesterday, who was the goddess of God. People are energy is very much about living out loud. It says live out loud on the car. And I told mama jumbo, whose energy means shine. And if mama jumbo sounds familiar, it is because the colonizers took her name and bastardized it to mean mumbo jumbo to me is actually a goddess. Yes, she is actually a goddess like an earth goddess who protects the environment. And so shine and live out loud. Of course are ashes, perfect energy. Here’s what I also pulled this. Also, the queen of Sheba showed up and got a full job, meaning that you are manifesting something big. Crystal revealed energy, something big it’s coming forward, but here’s the big pot.

Abiola: (10:32)
You have somebody around, you put a person or persons around you that do not necessarily mean your best. And they are feeling, they are wanting to feel good about you, but there’s some just the energy of jealousy or an energy of your giving. Like you’re a natural giver. You’re like, you’re like me where it’s like, come on. If I’m making it, we all make, but there is somebody just pay attention. Somebody who is around you, who they, there’s an energy of jealousy and an energy of potential betrayal. And so what you want to do is just be aware of that and be, you know, keep your, keep your camp tight as you ride, because big things are coming through. You got a small job. Even with the rain queen in South Africa, manifestation card, she comes when it’s about raining down blessings, meaning that big things are in store for you, but you got to clean house. You got to clean house while you’re on the way there, because you know, meanwhile, there are always people that may be subtly put only things in your way that you are not in need of, and that are not in alignment with you.

Ash: (11:41)
Absolutely. And it’s so it is absolutely this, the universe is talking, this is, this is the assets of speaking out loud because there is someone that I’ve recently that is, that has come to my spirit, says, that’s come to my spirit about this individual. And I’m not going to go into detail about stuff, but yes, I’m like, Ooh, see, we didn’t even talk about that. It can’t even say, oh, well, you know, we have not spoken about any of that. And for you to say that to me today, right here on this show, that’s confirmation that ain’t nothing but confirmation for a MOBA confirmation. And I know like, I’m I’m I got a lot of things in the works and there’s a lot of things that’s coming from me. But as you said, you got to clear house. Cause everybody that pretends to be in your circle, baby. They not for you. And if you get that little England that maybe this, they probably not.

Abiola: (12:38)
Yes, yes, yes, yes. You are a superstar like that. Like right now, what I’m looking at this reading says, this woman is a superstar. Like we took an Oprah level stratosphere. So you have a big voice and a big clean house. Everybody that everybody that got you to a is not meant to ride with.

Ash: (13:00)
That’s right. Say it out loud. I love it.

Abiola: (13:04)
Got it. Yes. Okay, good. Good. And I usually tell people I’m like, don’t beat me up.

Ash: (13:09)
No, it’s like the fact that you could have pulled any cards and you could have had any other message for me. That one right there that, that hits home to close. That is spot on. Spot on. Oh my goodness. Since I love you to pieces. Thank you so much for coming through today. Definitely appreciate you. Let everyone know the best way that they need to get in contact with you. You know, they need to go ahead and get these Oracle cards because I know it’s going to sell out for Christmas time. Y’all need to go ahead and get it.

Abiola: (13:42)
It’s definitely get the car. So the car deck is mainly African goddess, rising Oracle cards. And like I said, that they are based on the book. So if you want to really go deeper, you can get the cards and the book, the book will give you a ritual associated with each goddess, the African Goddess Initiation book. You can find it all at my site, which is well manifesting.com. So like manifesting.com. Well, manifesting.com is the site. And I also am doing personal reading. Ancestors told me a couple of weeks ago, started doing readings. So I don’t know how long that’s gonna last with a right this minute. I am doing beading. So you can book all of that and find all of that through the site. And I’m on social media at Aviola TV. And my podcast is named the goddess goddess temple podcast.

Ash: (14:26)
I absolutely love it says thank you so much for coming through. You know, you gotta come back. All right. Cause this is, I mean, we, we gonna have part two and three. I know you got some stuff cooking on the stove we can really go into today. We got some things out there cooking. So next time you come, we’re definitely going to jump into that stuff, but I appreciate you. So, so very much. Thank you a lot of problem. And I appreciate, and I thank each and every one of you guys, thank you so much for all of your love and support. Keeping in mind, anyone to tell you that you can’t do what you want to do. You look them square in the face. You tell them don’t believe me. Just watch, watch what I do. Watch me make it happen. Watch me make history. That’s what we’re doing this for the history books. Social media is nice, but real life is so much better until next time you guys.