dear diary,

ugh! this time of year is filled with so much angst for me as i say goodbye to my beloved summer, but i am loved and have my health so i can’t really complain. i auditioned yesterday to intro films on the sundance channel during the festival. it was sooo much fun. (i hope that they agree.) that’s my dream job.

great news—knives in my throat (formerly knives in my belly) now has an ep. steve nicolaides is not only sweet, thoughtful, helpful and generous, but powerful. in other words, he’s exactly what the doc needs. we hope to wrap in december, and then i am taking a full week off before beginning post. this project is making me old before my time. they say that in terms of doing things well, fast or cheap, you can pick any 2, but never have all 3. well, we’re doing it well and cheap. maybe we’ll catch fast next time.

the ifp market was certainly an education. i was able to check out some incredibly informative panels in between production. i still haven’t gotten a chance to see desha dauchan’s gordon parks award-winning short “whispers.” people say that my performance as hannah was really good, but i chalk it up to desha’s expertise. the girl is fierce!

“loose knit,” the off-broadway show that i’m an associate producer on, is a great play with a good cast. now we need an audience to start trickling in. the recession is definitely hitting the stage. i am learning a lot about marketing though. the show is sponsored by godiva, west elm and liz claiborne! in addition, it’s enabled me to meet some great folks who are interested in “goddess city!”

one of my recent interests has been criticism – when to seek it, and how to listen to it. i recently tracked down the very deep moikgantsi kgama, of imagenation for “ophelia’s opera” feedback only to learn that she doesn’t like mixing experimental elements with narrative, and “maybe it should’ve been all narrative or all experimental.” i started to protest that my whole point was to expose experimental film to audiences that would never normally be exposed to it, and tell her about all of the folks who said that this was the very thing that worked for them. then i remembered that the reason i asked was because i wanted an honest opinion that i could use to improve my work, and she had given that – duh. thank you, truly, for your feedback, kantsi!

well, i’m off to pack up the flip flops and tube tops.