dear diary,

whew! there’s a lot going on—in my head & in my life as well—in production on knives in my belly & pre-pro for crazy black chicks. in addition, i am an associate producer on “loose knits” an amazing new play, and just got accepted to ifp’s project involve. like i said, whew.

hartford’s west indians opened in, well, hartford. i can’t wait to check it out. very “interesting” experience working for a museum. they are definitely the one’s in charge.

i’m coming up on one year since i started knives in my belly. documentaries are not for commitment-phobes. I’ve got 50 hours of footage and 4 months to go! i’m toying with shooting theatrical segments on super 8, but will more likely end up adding grainy effects to those segments in post. meeting with saya woolfalk regarding costumes tomorrow, and cynthia hilts is on board for the music. now that i’ve added a gl-1 to my arsenol, i’m unstoppable, or so i feel! i am awed often by taqiyya haden’s courage and feel inspired by her willingness to open her heart and her life to an audience. we’re assembling a 3-minute promo. we’ve got several money parties interested, but (understandably) folks wanna sample their wares first.

f/va’s artist mentor project is going well & i’m learning so much by observing up close the path of mentor thomas allen harris. please see his doc ‘that’s my face’ whenever you ever get the chance.

just finished the summer institute at the kitchen i.e. artist’s boot camp. what an amazing experience & teaching artists – laurie anderson, tracie morris, bill t. jones, mac wellman, rinde eckert, yoko ono & many, many more —added to my toolbox not only as a filmmaker, but as a director for stage as well. i am still very interested in crafting theatrical stories for live audiences. an interesting experience with my final directing projects for the program, i acted in one. yes! my debut experience of directing myself—scant prep i’m sure for when i do a spike/woody/oliver & direct myself in crazy black chicks later this fall.

i’m due to start my music video reviews on the fantastic music video insider website – info coming soon!

on a comedic note, aivf’s mag, the independent, did a little blurb on ophelia’s opera. now they never told me that they were going to include contact info, or i would have had them list my site, which is another whole conversation. anyway, they reversed 2 of the digits in my phone #, so i called & asked the woman who’s # they list to just re-direct any would-be steven spielberg calls by reversing the digits. easy enuf?

apparently not b/c irate annie had a fit— carrying on about her unlisted number and whether she was supposed to be my secretary now, etc. so much for a kinder, gentler nyc. the worst part is that i can’t prank call her for being a [email protected]#%#$^ because now she has my number!

big love to director desha dauchan, whose short, whispers, premiered at the abff starring moi in one of my swan songs as an actor.

big love to cinewomen for inviting me to be a panelist in the women of arts festival – unfortunately i won’t be here, but they’ll manage to carry on! i’ll be driving across country, but that is another story!