Are you ready for a shift? A sacred energy shift? This is especially for the lightworkers, changemakers, healers, coaches and speakers. That’s right! For my spiritpreneur sisters. 

This Energy Shift is for YOU if: *You are a woman leader who feels blocked from her greatness, *If you are a coach, healer, speaker, writer who wants to make her mark, *If you KNOW that the biggest thing holding you back is YOU. *You can identify with the words “wounded healer.”

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Hey Goddess!

This is a moment for sacred healing and personal evolution. See the empowerment rituals and assignments your sisters are making here [link].

It’s Day 10 of 14 – Face Your Inner Bully!

TODAY you will be putting a FACE to your fears, self-doubt and inner bully that tells you that you are not good enough.

Your inner bully was formed in your childhood when adults knew best, were right – and children were wrong. This is how your inner bully views the world. But you are no longer a child, you have your OWN values, beliefs and ways of doing things – and can think for, decide for and protect yourself.

1. Download your worksheet below.

2. Listen to the audio lesson.

3. Make magic happen!


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Today is the Facing Your Inner Bully Challenge. This is actually a 2 day assignment as tomorrow it becomes Meeting Your Inner Wise Woman. Yes!

We all have an Inner Bully, some call it an Inner Critic or an Inner Mean Girl, an Inner Bitch or Inner Monster. Perhaps like mine, yours is compounded by #anxiety or other challenges. It’s that voice inside that says, who do you think you are, get off the stage, don’t embarrass yourself, they’re going to laugh at you. Your inner critic is keeping you safely in your comfort zone and afraid to take the risks that will catapult you to your greatness.

We have to face this voice if we ever want the peace, happiness, success, abundance and joy that is our birthright. Otherwise you can have game, success, #abundance and a stage and be miserable. This is why we see so many of our beloved celebs miserable and taking drugs to try to silence those inner demons and voices.

We begin today by literally making a drawing of that inner critic and writing out all of the things she says to you and why. Yes a DRAWING– this is not about the quality of your art. This is about the quality of your healing.

When I’m on stage it’s not because I am 100% fearless. No– it’s because my purpose is greater than my fears and my Inner Bully.

Download the Worksheet and instructions with today’s audio lesson — the let’s talk about it in our Facebook Sister Circle. xoxo