Should I lend my new lover money? Luvem Or Leave Em Series Relationship Advice Video
Should romance and finance mix?
No romance without finance?
Dear Abiola, I have a new girlfriend and we definitely feel like we’re in love. The relationship is just getting started and she already asked if she could borrow money from me. Should I lend her the money? What should I do? Help!
Well, if you consider the fact one of the leading causes of divorce is money issues then you know that romance and finance can be a deadly mix.  Everyone might get into a sticky wicket (trouble) at some point in their lives and need a bailout from a loved one. What concerns me is the fact that this is a new girlfriend whom you just started dating and she is already asking you for money. That is definitely a relationship red flag.
A good personal policy is that love and lending money do not mix. If you can afford to, then you should GIVE money to people you care about instead of lending it. Lenders and borrowers today, frenemies tomorrow. The issue is expectations. Expectations are pre-planned resentments. Watch!

My apologies for the sound issues, my Rockstars. I shot this love advice video just for YOU on the plane. If you can’t see this Money and Love Don’t Mix advice video click here.

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