Marilyn Monroe’s famous stuffing recipe!

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A new book called “Fragments reveals a treasure trove of personal notes and diary entries from Hollywood film star Marilyn Monroe including her recipe for stuffing.  Read more about it here along with an MM photo slide show but find the Marilyn Monroe recipe below.


Obviously the gentlemen I’ve met don’t prefer blonds but they all like a good meal. Since I happen to really enjoy cooking (especially romantic cooking) when I make the time for it, this is usually a good match. As soon as I get my oven repaired I look forward to trying this out. Food, glorious food.

Dressing for Turkey or Chicken by Marilyn Monroe
Note: The recipe writing or language may seem stilted because I wanted to stay as close to Marilyn’s handwritten recipe ingredients and cooking instructions as possible. On a piece of City Title Insurance stationery Marilyn Monroe writes:


  1. 1) No garlic. (Obviously Marilyn didn’t want her paramours to have rancid breath!)
  2. 2) Sour dough french bread – Soak in water and wring out then shred.
  3. 3) Giblet (liver heart) – Boil in water 5 – 10 minutes then chop.
  4. 4) One whole or half onion chop.
  5. 5) Parsley (spelled parsarly), 4 stalks of celery; Chop together.
  6. 6) Spices: Put in rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, oregano, poultry seasoning, salt, pepper.
  7. 7) One handful of grated Parmesan cheese.
  8. 8 ) One half pound of ground round, put in frying pan,  brown, no oil, and mix.
  9. 9) One half cup or more of raisins plus walnuts, chestnuts, pine nuts, chopped nuts.
  10. 10) One or two hard boiled eggs, chopped.
  11. 11) Mix together.
  12. 12) Salt and pepper inside turkey or chicken. Outside the same plus butter!


I am going to try this on Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. Have you already cooked Marilyn Monroe’s Stuffing Recipe? If so, let me know. You can hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.


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**PASSIONISTA UPDATE: Yay! I did it. Whoo hoo. Check out my adaptation & photos of actually cooking Marilyn Monroe’s stuffing recipe. Enjoy.