Introducing the Sacred Bombshell Self-Care Kits and the Sacred Bombshell Self-Care Challenge. Join us in NYC on 2/26/16 to put your self-love and self-care into action!

Happy Sunday. Sacred Bombshell!

It’s a beautiful and blessed day for MINDFULNESS in our Sacred Bombshell Self-Care journey -being where you are in extreme gratitude for what you have.

Are you well-nourished in MIND, BODY and SPIRIT?

How are you feeding your mind, feeding your body and feeding your spirit? Are you partaking in the ABUNDANCE and the OVERFLOWING bounty around you?

Whatever you are getting out of your life is a direct RESULT of what you are putting in!!

Are you mindful or mindless?

::::Click HERE to join me for a free Self-Love Soiree in NYC on 2/26. Self care is an act of sacred self- preservation.

xoxo, Abiola