If you’ve ever been TOO MUCH, raise your hand. 

African Goddess Affirmation Cards Reading: Well behaved goddesses rarely make history

Yes!! We got this.

Thanks for sending me this month’s yumminess, Primal Kitchen Vegan Ranch, Verday Chlorophyll Water, and Munk Pack Protein Cookie, @itspostworthy.

Loved the Primal Kitchen Vegan Ranch dressing. I ABHOR ranch (or at least I thought I did!!) and I am lactose intolerant, so it was great that it was VEGAN. And it was delicious. I ate it on spinach leaves with my sister Damali who also previously hated ranch. It was so good she said, they should call it something else!!


Thanks Postworthy! Postworthy provided me with the yummy goodies, but my opinions are all my own…