Happy Full Moon, Goddess! 😍🙏

Our Focus is Ancestral Clearing — releasing the energy of Primal Childhood Rejection and Abandonment Issues so that you can SHINE. 

As I invite in new Goddesses to the Spiritpreneur Guru Academy, I also invite us all to give ourselves permission to STOP HIDING and answer our sacred callings and do the work that we came here to do, as fully, blessedly, joyously and abundantly as possible.

Fearless Abundant Spiritpreneur Series Day 14 of 40!

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Abandonment Issues - Full Moon Meditation Ritual Healing



Ancestral Clearing Full Moon Circle, Ritual + Meditation for Abandonment & Rejection Issues

[YouTube Video Link]

Full moon meditation and ritual for clearing family of origin issues with fear, abandonment and rejection that keep us playing small today.

This ancestral clearing full moon meditation and ritual for healing your challenges with childhood rejection and abandonment issues is very powerful.

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Ancestral Clearing for Primal Rejection & Abandonment Wounds