Are there really self-sabotage benefits? Reasons why you are blocking your own success?


Here is why you are unable to get unstuck.

::::Fearless Abundant Spiritpreneur Day 14 of 40.


Watch! The Hidden Benefits of Self-Sabotage

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Self-Sabotage Benefits: The Secret Payoff of Blocking Your Own Success [Video]

Why Are You Blocking Your Magic?


Hey Goddess!

Thank you all for being so vulnerable during our powerful full moon circle last night.

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We talked about what problems, issues, challenges, behaviors and fears we are currently releasing.

But here’s the thing— if we want to release the issue or behavior, we also have to release the secret hidden payoff we get from it.

Maybe the payoff is fitting in with your family, friends or community who have the same challenges.

Maybe the payoff is getting to have a permanent excuse for not being where you claim you want to be.
Maybe the sweet sweet payoff is in getting to feel secretly special because of your special problem.

Let’s continue this conversation in Goddess Temple Sunday.

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