Abiola on LSD: Love, Sex, Dating and Drama, episode 16 was a wild ride!! There was a crazy tornado happening so the studio was literally falling apart around us. As I was talking into the camera our incredible team was running around trying to make sure the equipment and studio held on.

Luckily we had pretty fascinating guests who could roll with the punches. Our theme was Good Girls vs. Bad Girls. The super fun guests were noted Sex Blogger Calendar creators Debauched Diva and Urban Gypsy PLUS Yvette Hayward, creator of the African American Literary Awards. It was fun yapping about scandalous hot topics with all of these powerful women as I was in the Sex Blogger Calendar and I hosted the Literary Awards Show last week.

Warning – this episode is definitely not safe for work because there is a MAJOR sexy “MILF Wardrobe Malfunction.” Subscribe to the sexy podcast on iTunes, find the Abiola on Love, Sex, Dating Show Archives, and WATCH the video below!

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