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For all those at the beginning of learning different methods of divination, the pendulum is one of the most accessible tools/methods. A pendulum is an excellent tool for divination. You can use it to answer questions about any topic, from the past, present, and future to your relationships, finances, health, and more.

How to Use a Pendulum in Divination to Get Answers

The pendulum is easy to use and will give you a clear answer in just a few seconds. The essence is to ask simple questions to get an affirmative or negative response. You can make the pendulum yourself or buy one made with various materials.

There are different divination techniques. We present the most popular:

Free Swing Pendulum

Take a piece of paper. Draw both circular directions in which the pendulum can move. If it moves to the right, it indicates a positive response. If it moves to the left, it presents a negative response. Place the pendulum 2.5 cm above the paper, ask the question aloud and keep your hand still. Wait for the pendulum to move. Observe in which direction it turns.

Using a Chart or Diagram

Another method is to draw a diagram. Take a small piece of paper and divide it into five parts. In the first part, write YES, in the second VERY LIKELY, in the third MAYBE, in the fourth that CHANCES ARE SMALL, in the fifth one, write NO. Place the pendulum 2.5 cm above the paper, say the question aloud, and move it left and right with your eyes closed. Where the pendulum stops, that is the answer to your question. The pendulum rarely gives a negative response. If it happens to be negative, it does not mean that what you want is impossible, but that it is not possible at the moment.

Yes or No Questions Answered with a Pendulum

Take a piece of paper. Draw a cross. Write YES on the upper and down part and NO on the left and right. Place the pendulum 2.5 cm above it. Say the question aloud while keeping your hand still. Wait, the pendulum will move. Observe in which direction it moves.

The basic idea is to place the pendulum over a pendulum chart and let it swing. The pendulum will figure out what direction to swing on its own. To use the pendulum, you will need to find a chart of the area where you are looking for something. You can also use a chart with yes, no, maybe to determine the answer to yes or no questions.

Once you have your chart, lay it on a flat surface. Next, hold the pendulum over the chart so that it hangs freely without touching anything else and wait for it to start swinging back and forth like a metronome.

Additional tips:

  • Never borrow a pendulum from someone
  • Do not give your pendulum to other people
  • Remove all metal objects while using the pendulum

Tips to Make Your Own Pendulum

  • A pendulum is a weight on the end of a string or chain, which moves freely from side to side when released.
  • You can choose from metal objects or crystals for this purpose. When it comes to crystals, keep in mind that a Tourmaline is known for its magical properties.
  • However, you can use any other crystal that your energy corresponds to or choose the one based on your zodiac sign.
  • If you want it to be metal, let it be copper.
  • Find a chain or string. It must be at least 20cm long.

Steps to Follow Before Using Your Pendulum

There are some steps you should follow before you start using it.

  1. Leave it under running water so it can accumulate all the energy.
  2. Take it out and wipe it well.
  3. Hold it over the candle flame.
  4. Then, take it with you everywhere for the next three days. You can keep it around your neck, in a pocket, or something. This step is essential so it can be filled with your energy.
  5. Find a specific box to keep it in when you’re not using it.