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Sarah Prout is the bestselling author of Dear Universe and host of the MANIFEST podcast, and creator of the viral video (65 million views) where she shared the story of finally breaking the cycle of 10 years of domestic violence, and learned how to “be the love” she knew she deserved.


In the book, Sarah invites readers to dive into deep self-care, self-discovery and self-responsibility. Using her own raw, personal stories that range from humorous to harrowing, she shows how to Be the Love you believe you deserve, through her philosophy of “Feel, Heal, Reveal”–which includes overcoming comparison traps, finding freedom in forgiveness, and accepting that making choices is how life happens, but living with your choices is how growth happens.

With practical tips and exercises, readers will:

  • Transform feelings of overwhelm, doubt, and fear into feelings of love, trust, faith, joy, connection, and meaning.
  • Hone their skills of intuition, to determine if they’re on the right path or unconsciously choosing to take a long way around.
  • Learn to recognize the difference between intuition and anxiety.
  • Dive into the concepts of deep self-care, finding your purpose, and how you can be more intentional with the way that you show up in the world.

By incorporating the principles in each chapter into their own life, anyone can create radical and magical inner transformation, which will lead to outer results—whether that’s within their career, relationship, or something as simple as their own self-confidence as they walk down the street. “When we live our life with self-love and self-compassion as our North Star,” Sara says, “then we will thrive.”

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