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Have you ever wondered why you don’t know much about African spirituality? Abiola Abrams explains why it’s no accident her culture has been excluded from mainstream spirituality, and how her work will empower you to discover your goddess within.

Descended from West African healers, seers, and farmers, Abiola is an intuitive coach, transformational speaker, author of African Goddess Rising, and creator of the African Goddess Initiation Oracle deck.

1:31 — Abiola’s self love journey: Finding empowerment & embracing her culture
11:39 — Tracing a healer lineage across generations and continents
17:47 — The pros and cons of immigrant parents’ expectations
21:21 — African Goddess Rising; A divine assignment of ancient & modern rituals
24:57 — A recipe for sweetening your manifestations, inspired by a Yoruba goddess
29:10 — Whitewashing & why you don’t already know about African spirituality
36:03 — How to tap into your inner goddess & shadow
44:00 — Lessons on teaching self love as a new mother

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