Let’s talk about the healing power of telling your story. Even if your voice shakes, speak your truth, tell your tales, dare to share who you really are.

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The Healing Power of Sharing Your Story (in a Book!)

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writing a book - tell your story

Hey Gorgeous,

You don’t know her name yet — and never might.

She doesn’t know your name YET either.

But she wants and needs desperately to hear your story.

Hidden in YOUR journey is HER healing.

Buried in the pages of a book you may never write, a STORY you may never DARE to tell, is HER soul medicine.

Will she get it from you?

We have been talking about the shadow, the masks we wear, the unloved parts of ourselves that we stuff down. This is of course what we will be addressing at the Goddess Unmasked Retreat in June at Omega. And this is what you must address in the Spiritpreneur Visibility Lab if you want to build a business with you as a recognized expert standing in your authentic power.

One of the most powerful ways to confront, diffuse and integrate your shadow is by telling your beautiful story. We all have many stories within us that need to be told. Then we also have the things that we have been taught never to speak of, the stuff that will betray or embarrass your tribe, the experiences that make us feel less than to admit.

For us as Spiritpreneurs, lightworkers, teachers, coaches, healers, telling our stories heals us but we have an even more sacred duty. Our stories heal others.

You lived your personal story.

The good, the bad, the ugly.

Remove the masks.

Stop hiding.

Own your truth. Tell your story.

Write your books.

Abiola signature - write your story

Affirm It:

My story matters.

I have a story to tell.

My story is my truth.

I can write a book.

My writing is worth reading.

I deserve to be happy.


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Your Story Why You Need to Tell It Right Now


Your Story Why You Need to Tell It Right Now