You have been hiding, shrinking, playing small and not showing up fully as your true self. 

Let’s make this your high visibility year! What are your shadow beliefs? The hidden beliefs blocking your VISIBILITY, your shine… 

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Shadow Beliefs and Blocks That Keep You Hiding

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TAKE the QUIZ. ADD UP the points.

The higher your score, the more you are hiding. If your score is 4-7, then we need to remove the masks and turn your real power all the way up!

You are a light bringer. And we need your magic, your visibility, in your books, courses, talks and offerings.
So what’s your high visibility pledge for this year?

How are you going to be seen, be heard, launch a movement in 2020?


7 Shadow Beliefs That Keep You Hiding Your Magic Visibility Quiz

1) I should be further along.


2) Everybody’s already doing my thing!


3) Maybe I should be doing something more important.


4) I just can’t!



5) I’m not good enough because I’m too…



6) Nobody will pay me for this.



7) This is your high visibility year to write a book, launch a course, start a movement!