Hey Gorgeous!

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Are you feeling that?
Real talk —
it seems like everywhere you look there is someone or something trying to grab your attention, right?

Whether it’s the constant barrage of emails, notifications, or social media updates, blehhhhh – it’s becoming more and MORE difficult for our minds to shut off and focus.

I don’t know about you but with all this OVERWHELM I started to notice a decrease in my creativity, productiveness, and UGH — the quality of my sleep.
And it’s not just because I have to wake up to change diapers on a tiny human! 🙂

It made me a lil worried…

Of course, what scares me is not being in alignment and being able to tap into my creativity at will.

That’s what got me BACK into my meditation practice.
As someone who has put out 4 guided meditation albums, mindfulness clearly matters to me. 
But sometimes life intervenes and we get off track.
So starting my practice again was like PHEW.
Thankfully, I started seeing my ability to concentrate and my creativity improve AGAIN.

I also wasn’t as stressed out as before. And the quality of my sleep improved quite a bit.

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret…

As I shared with you in the past, I was pretty close to giving up of meditation many times.

I knew all the amazing benefits it brought but I could never stick to a consistent routine.
But a few years ago through my podcast, I discovered the Muse meditation headband and it was SO helpful.
I can’t even imagine going a day without meditating.
Here I am back in 2015 (!!!) with the original MUSE Meditation Headband — and it has gotten so much BETTER since then!
I interviewed the founder on my podcast. 
The Muse headband has these highly-sensitive sensors that measure your brainwaves as you meditate.
(Check it out here: https://choosemuse.com/goddess)

You get to experience real-time audio biofeedback that lets you know if your mind is “in the zone” or if your mind is distracted and thinking about other things.

So when your mind is calm, you’ll hear soothing sounds. And when your mind is distracted, you’ll hear heavy rain.
I know it sounds wild but — it really works!

It’s like having me or your own meditation coach right there by your side giving you immediate feedback so your meditations can get better and better over time.
And since World Meditation Day is coming up, Muse is having a special offer.
Right now you can get 20% off a Muse S headband and 1 year free Premium App Access.
You know I only share stuff that I find helpful.

So, I’d encourage you to order yours today while it’s still available.
Here is our special sale link: https://choosemuse.com/goddess