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Divination is a ritual in which our energy and consciousness harmonize with the source. That source represents the history/knowledge of the Universe, as well as divine energy.

One who practices divination relies on conscious observation, intuition, and recognition (as well as the meaning) of symbols.

Various Tools for Divination

1. Tarot & Oracle Cards

Tarot is a form of divination that uses different Tarot cards. Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards used as a tool for divination. Which one to use depends on the purpose. Tarot cards have been used in divination for several centuries. They are a tool used to help people better understand their future life and make decisions based on the messages they receive from the tarot.

Tarot readings use spreads of any number of cards. All of them are very interesting for both beginners and those who have some knowledge.

Oracle cards, unlike Tarot cards, aim to help in spiritual enlightenment. Each card is thought-provoking and offers the possibility of self-growth. Oracle cards are a divination tool that can provide guidance, insight, and answers to questions.

The messages from these spirits were believed to be encoded in symbols and pictures on the cards themselves. These symbols could be numbers or astrological signs to images of deities or mythological creatures like dragons or unicorns.

2. Runes

Runes originate from the Germanic alphabet (ancient form). In the past, the Nordic tribes used them for various purposes. Those purposes were writing, witchcraft, and divination. We should use them for divination when we have unsolvable challenges.

You should use this method when you have incomplete information about your problem or an incomplete picture. Our subconscious and intuition play a crucial role. One of the main reasons people use runes is to get insights into their lives, including what might happen in the future.

The runes are made up of symbols that represent things like time and space. They are then cast on a surface to answer questions about what will happen in the future or what has happened in the past.

3. Reading Tea Leaves

The concept of reading tea leaves is not as ancient as other forms of divination. Based on various records, it began around the 17th century. The method is called tasseography or tasseomancy. Tea leaf reading is a practice of divination that interprets the patterns and shapes of tea leaves left at the bottom of a cup.

The cup may be shaken or stirred while the leaves are at the bottom and then read by looking at them through a lighted candle or another light source. The shapes and patterns are then interpreted. The reading can provide insight into the past, present, and future.

4. Psychic Abilities

The term “psychic” is used to describe people who are said to have the ability to perceive information beyond what is considered normal. This includes predicting the future, reading minds, and knowing things without external clues. Psychics often use their abilities in divination, which is a form of fortune-telling that predicts the future.

Psychic abilities are a natural part of human existence. They extend our innate intuition and understanding of the world around us.

Some psychics use tarot cards, astrology, or other methods of divination to predict a person’s future. The more accurate methods may use numerology and astrology. But these methods still have a margin of error when predicting what will happen in the future.

Try the following:

  • strengthen your senses through different exercises (find exercises for each sense and dedicate at least an hour every day for those exercises)
  • meditate
  • write down thoughts and expectations (focus only on the positive)
  • do not ignore intuition

5. Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a form of writing done without thinking. The writer’s hand moves on a piece of paper, or another surface, to capture messages from their subconscious mind.

There are several ways that automatic writing can be used as a divination tool. The writer can use it to answer questions that they cannot answer themselves or find answers to questions they are seeking.

The first way is by using automatic writing as a form of divination through clairvoyance. This type of automatic writing requires the person performing it to focus on the question and write down any messages that come up in response without editing them in any way.

The second way is by using automatic writing as an intuitive reading tool for self-discovery and meditation purposes.

You will need to practice with this method. Write the question on a piece of paper, and then write down every word/sentence that comes to mind. Keep doing this until your mind is clear. That can last 5 min or an hour, for example. Then analyze what you wrote. See which words/phrases/patterns are repetitive.

Tip: As you write down everything that goes through your head, don’t try to analyze or overthink why it occurred to you. That’s not the point. The point is in connecting everything you wrote down because that connection should answer your question.

6. Charm Casting

Charm casting, also known as “casting for a specific purpose,” is a form of divination in which the practitioner casts a spell or performs an act of magic to bring about the desired outcome. You can use charms, which are small objects that represent meaning. A charm for good luck would be something like a rabbit’s foot or a four-leaf clover.

Charm casting in divination is an ancient form of fortune-telling. It is a form of divination that uses a small object, often a stone, to cast the future or answer questions about the past.

A charm is a symbol that represents a particular belief. That belief must be something you believe to be true. Throwing charms is not much different from other forms of divination. Once you give an object a particular meaning, you have given it the energy of that meaning. Those objects can be various, such as stone, a pencil, a pendant, or anything that corresponds energetically with you. The method is based on creating a list of meanings of grouped objects. After that, you create a story by casting them.