I had a vision for a show. A daily mind-body-spirit empowerment space where people like you and me could call home. A sacred self-care spot where we could get together a be as woo woo as we want, unapologetically. If I could, I would just have you all over to my living room. But I live in NYC, and the apartments aren’t that big. So instead, I invite you into my temple, the goddess temple. Wellness, wellbeing — and us.

Let’s do it!!

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Hey Goddess~

Happy Monday!

Guess what week it is?

It is the WEEK that I shoot 3 episodes of a pilot for my very own show– with YOU!!

I say my show — but this is OUR very own TALK SHOW…



Of course, I want you THERE, my lightworker sister.

YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED to join this daytime party with ME.


I have made lots of TV before, but nothing like this…

We are shooting LIVE in NYC, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and only need you to come hang for an hour.

And because you know I am ALL ABOUT your ABUNDANCE, you will get a small stipend, just to say thanks, $30 to your PayPal for attending for the hour.

Let’s DO IT!!

Apply here ASAP:::

[link] https://tinyurl.com/AbiolaLiveStudioAudience

I need YOU — my goddess family — in the audience to make this a success.




Make SURE that under “Tell Us About Yourself” that you let us know that you are already a member of my Goddess Tribe so we make sure to get you in.

See you there, gorgeous!!

::::Click here for the link:


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Live Studio Pilot Taping of ‘Abiola Live!’ This Week – How to Join Me!

Live Studio Pilot Taping of ‘Abiola Live!’ This Week – How to Join Me!