We are not as alone as we think. Each of us is guided and protected by ancestors, angels and spirit guides that make up our spiritual family.

Today in Goddess Temple Sunday we delve into how to connect to our guides. Wanna join me live weekly in Goddess Temple? We are live at 10 AM EST on Facebook and Instagram @abiolaTV every Sunday.

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How to Connect with Your Angels, Spirit Guides and Ancestors

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Be Your Own Hero

Angels are celestial guardians for humans on earth. The number of angels we have access to varies in spiritual and religious traditions. Ancestors are our direct relations who have transitioned and now may be our Spirit Guides. Claimed ancestors are those who purposefully connect with who have transitioned. Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters are others who offer us guidance.

Together they make up your spiritual family.

Intuitives have a natural or practiced connection with Spirit Guides. Some people are clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient. Others channel and allow Spirit Guides to speak through them. If you have ever seen someone catch the holy ghost or speaking in tongues you have seen people channeling. Abraham Hicks is one of the more famous channelers of our era, but many people channel and are not aware that this is what they are doing, most notably visual artists, singers, inventors and writers.

  1. Raise your vibration.
  2. Ground yourself.
  3. Meditate daily.
  4. Keep your energy channels clear.
  5. Acknowledge and invite them to introduce themselves.
  6. Ask for a sign, like a specific color, number, familiar totem, or invite them to give you dream guidance.
  7. Do freewriting.
  8. Record and observe.
  9. Use tools and assistants, from crystals to oracle cards like the Womanifesting Fertility Goddess Affirmation Cards.
  10. Create an altar.


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Angels, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides How to Connect with Your Spirit Family

How to Connect with Your Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides

How to Connect with Your Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides