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Hey Goddess!

You asked if there was a way you could take a year or longer to pay for the Priestess of Power: Manifest Everything and Become Unfkwithable retreat — and (yay!!) I made it happen.

Yes — you can now take a year or more to pay off your tuition retreat.

Before we get into that, I am still buzzing from seeing the French version of my oracle deck!

YOU asked for the deck to be translated into FRENCH and so it is.

It’s the first time (to my knowledge) that my work has been translated into another language.

The only hard thing is that I don’t feel like I can celebrate with everyone I am related to.

I can celebrate with YOU – my tribe, because you get it.

But not everyone is happy that I channel goddess oracle cards to begin with.

This is why community is so important. 

I think that’s why it’s so important for me to make sure that every year, no matter what, our international Goddess Retreats are a part of your healing and empowerment curriculum.

The Priestess of Power Retreat regular payment plan is amazing. As usual with the retreat payment plans you have to pay in full at least a month before the retreat.

But suppose you need (or just want) more time to pay?

And suppose you want to do the VIP PLUS package that allows you to work with the Mayan healer making medicines — and you want to pay in full so you get the extra sessions?

Or what if you need the VIP PLATINUM package full support to work with my team of healers over the year?

Well —


Now there is Priestess of Power Retreat Financing. 

You can pay off your retreat tuition in a year to 60 months, for any package you wish. 

The application takes 10 minutes and they let you know pretty quickly if you are green lit.

Want more info on these new extended payment plan options?

  1. Check it out here on the retreat info page:
  2. Or go directly to the Retreat Financing Application here:
  3. And you can also just text our Program Assistant Goddess Jo for more info:
  4. Or just hit “REPLY” and ask me…

It is important for ME to be responsive to YOU.

  • You asked for a French language African Goddess Rising Oracle Deck — and here it is.
  • You asked for Priestess training — and we are diving deep.
  • AND you asked for more ways to be able to invest in your retreat journey.


Thank you for being such an incredible part of the goddess community.

Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Love and magic,



Check it all out — including new financing options — here: