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How and Why to Set Your Intentions

Hey Goddess!

Have you ever used a new moon check for manifesting? I am sharing this in our Free Goddess Temple Circle group and thought you’d appreciate it too!

I first actually learned about this ancient magic meets modern moment ritual from my dad.

I did something like this a couple of weeks ago with one of your beautiful goddess sisters who will be joining us on the Priestess of Power Retreat.

She was terrified to spend the money because, let’s face it, we are living through so much uncertainty at the moment.

We did a check ritual though — even though neither of us actually uses checks IRL — and she booked her seat at this 2023 magical new moon goddess retreat of rituals and magic.

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This new moon check ritual is a way of visioning or setting an abundance intention.

Check it out — for the new moon in Aquarius on the 21st to call in your abundance this year.

There are people who thrive through every economic hardship, who shine no matter what the news says. This year, let’s claim that sacred transformative energy for YOU.

The Magic Behind It All — 

Setting intentions allows you to describe not just what you want, but what you intend to do. With manifesting or MOON-ifesting, you are asking the universe what you want, by saying what you are trying to attract and how you want things to go. It is similar to setting any intentions in your life, but you want to write them down as you would scripting – as if they have already happened.

With intentions, you aren’t just thinking a random thought about what you might want, but you are specifically asking the universe for something you deeply desire. The intention takes it to the next level, where you have made the decision, asked the universe, and begin the process of manifesting it. Intentions are very powerful when they are done correctly.

Remember that there are different ways to set intentions, including different times to do it. You might have daily intentions, weekly or monthly, or even longer than that, such as your yearly intentions. Try first with simple daily intentions. Think about what you need to get done today, not the meaningless tasks, but the tasks that get you closer to your goals. Write down your intentions, visualize yourself completing them, and then go on with your day.

You can try this whenever you have new intentions, whether it is something for the week, the month, what you want to manifest this year, really anything you can think of that you want to attract in your life.

When you are beginning to write out your intentions, you want to do so in a scripting method – where it is in the present tense. Write about it as if it has already happened. Try to visualize what you are trying to manifest when writing them down.

First, write down what you want to manifest. Just one word or phrase that describes what it is. Then close your eyes, and visualize having that thing. It could be money, wealth, status, fame, a house or car, a relationship, big group of friends, or traveling to a dream destination.

With it in your mind, open your eyes and set your intentions. Write down in a journal what your dream was, in vivid detail, with as much feeling and emotion as you can muster.

Intentions are short, but specific. Don’t use generalizations, but say exactly what your intentions are. This can be in list form, scripting, or in the form of affirmations that you repeat to yourself every day.

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