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Cleansing is the spiritual practice of clearing energy from any space, object, or person. It is often used to clear out a physical space like a room or a new home, but it can also be used for cleansing bad energies from people who are empaths or even objects like crystals.

Cleansing is typically done with smudge sticks, which are bundles of herbs that are lit, with the smoke used to heal and clean the space. Here are the top 3 types of smudge sticks you can use for cleansing.

1. Sage

The most common type of smudge stick is the sage stick. There isn’t just one type of sage used, but several varieties depending on your preferences and what it is being used for. Sage is often used to cleanse a person, place, or object. It can be used when cleansing energies from new healing crystals or if you move into a new home. If you had toxic energy in your space, you can use sage to remove it.

For getting help with negative energy in your home or cleansing sacred items, use white sage. This is a very common variety of smudge sticks and is easy to find.

When performing a spiritual ritual, try using blue sage, also known as desert sage. This can help purify yourself and the space you live in.

There is also floral sage, often combined with lavender, which can also help to cleanse your space and improve your mindset by boosting your positive energy.

2. Lavender

If you don’t want to use sage, you can also use lavender for your cleansing of spaces. This is actually a great option for healing and getting the scent of lavender in any new space. Lavender is commonly used for healing purposes on its own, where the herb contains properties to help with stress and anxiety. So naturally, it is also used for the same reason.

If you are struggling with anxious thoughts or a lot of stress and worry in your life, you can smudge around your space or even around your body to release some of that energy. It is also an excellent choice to be used at bedtime to help you sleep and protect your mind from bad dreams.

3. Juniper

Finally, there is a juniper used in smudge sticks for clearing negative energy. Juniper is a great option if you need to get rid of negative energy from a space or an object, plus it also provides an excellent protective energy. In fact, one of the benefits of juniper and why people use it instead of sage in certain instances is because it promotes more positive protective energy. It really takes that neutral energy in a space and turns it into something positive and healing.

Because of how positive it can transform any space, it is also very useful when you are trying to attract abundance or other manifestations into your life.

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