Have you outgrown your old life and vision? Maybe it is because Spirit is calling you higher.

Let’s talk about it!

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Photo: Goddess of Paris Miracles and Manifesting Retreat 2019


Spirit is Calling You Higher; Now What?

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Have you evolved and disconnected from who you used to be?

You may have outgrown your old life if:

  • You stop relating to the people around you;
  • Your tastes start to change;
  • Your environment feels constricting;
  • Your job or business bores you;
  • You are just going through the motions.


So what do you do now to connect to your Spirit calling?

  1. Begin with gratitude.
  2. Take a break from your old, boring life.
  3. Get back into nature to ground yourself.
  4. Eat well and move your body for re-connection.
  5. Stop your self-sabotage of choice.
  6. Journal and/or create a new vision for your life.
  7. Manifest your new life.

Hey Goddess~

Happy Tuesday! 

Let’s talk…

Is Spirit calling you forward for something greater? 

So many of us have been hearing this call…

It was so powerful to tap into this with the incredible women in the circle above (photo) at the amazing “Goddess of Paris! Miracles and Manifesting Retreat” a couple of weeks ago.

You may have felt a restlessness recently that feels like it is only intensifying. 

Maybe you feel bored with some aspects of your life.

You may feel like you no longer relate to certain people or situations. 

Your tastes in food, music or friends may have even changed or evolved. 


Maybe Spirit is calling you forward toward greater things. 

This is the time for you to create a new vision for your life — as you have outgrown the old one. 

I see you, Goddess.
Me too — let’s do it together. 

We will start next Sunday at 10 AM EST with a new “Visionary Board Challenge.”

>>>>Check out the post and video on my blog right now — what to do when Spirit is calling you forward. 

And I will email you in a couple of hours about something special that you can get in on this week to give you more tools to align with awakening your zen lifestyle and aligning with who you really are.