Sacred Bombshell Sisterhood and Success! Her Success is Not Your Failure

Sacred Bombshell Sisterhood and Success! Her Success is Not Your Failure

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“Your success is my success. Your success is not my failure.”

Great affirmations for this powerfully energetic year…

Yes! Feminist message and powerful artwork by Ambivalently Yours and sold on Society Six. Let’s talk about it.

Hello Sacred Bombshell,

We are all in this together, gorgeous. “Her success is not your failure.” It is your sacred duty to pass this message on.

TAG a Sacred Sister that makes you HAPPY when she succeeds.

TAG a Sacred Bombshell sister that you are ROOTING for with the same MAGIC and MOJO that you save for yourself.

TAG a woman you believe in.

Each one, bring one.

You CAN sit with us!

#WhoRunTheWorld? Girls-once we are for each other- all of the each others out there. (Men too!)


Empowerment Coach Abiola

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Let's talk about success!



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