Yay. It’s time. THIS is our MANIFESTING year! I believe in US. Let’s do it. Yes, Sacred Bombshell, Hear Us Roar!! This is the year, Business Bombshell to find your sacred voice, answer your calling, rock your mojo, build your message… Let’s be it. Let’s CREATE it. Let us BIRTH it. YES. Are you IN for a brand new Bombshell Breakthrough Year filled with self-love, joy, and self-worth? I Am

Let’s get aligned with all of the incredible BLESSINGS lined up for us in this big, bright, shiny new year. This year we are REALLY going to have an even bigger BOMBSHELL Breakthrough Year. Are you in!?

I am broadcasting from the Trampoline Park in Dallas, Texas. Let’s jump higher. What a great opportunity to share affirmations while jumping up and down. Confused? Check it out… Affirmations, inspiration, motivation, and fun inside. Perfect for my Sacred Bombshells, business bombshells and girl bosses who are ready to lean into self-love all the way!


Happy New Year, Sacred Bombshell!

Wishing you ALL beautiful blessings and blissings. To KICK OFF your supercharged Bombshell Breakthrough year, I created a short, fun, video JUST FOR US as a reminder to JUMP HIGHER when all the New Year’s hoopla wears off.



If you can’t see the video above, click here to get inspired and watch on YouTube.

Guess what else?

I’ve been hard at work and play creating AMAZING ROCK YOUR 2015 sacred bombshell programs for you like the Hear Me Roar Club to find your VOICE, answer and ROCK your calling and take your heart-centered business to the next level, the Still I Rise Sacred Intention Circle to stay aligned, new self-worth meditation power album, the Daily Declaration Self-Love Letter and more. I’ll be telling you about all of that very soon.

TODAY, I just wanted to say I BELIEVE in US, you and me. WE have the power to do INCREDIBLE things when we are willing to leave FEAR and our BAGGAGE behind. I am re-making that commitment today for myself, my family, my loved ones and my tribe — that means you.

Let’s do it together. THIS is the YEAR we stop playing small. Ready to make every year a Bombshell Breakthrough Year? It’s time to make some decisions to move forward. It is time for new intentions.

Let US begin. Watch the short video HERE on YOUTUBE and I’ll talk to you soon.


AGAIN — Happy New Year, dollface.


Empowerment Coach Abiola
P.S. Yay!