What’s your zodiac sign? Our astrological wonder woman GREAR IS ON THE MONEY with this month’s horoscopes… As usual, i’ve left in all of the wonderful grammatically magical Grear-isms so that you can catch the full meaning of her unique way of communicating astrology. Thanks to our readers who LOVE and keep requesting her! -aa


“Sag”…the traveling Sage. Every time you hear the sign “Sagittarius” don’t you just see its image: half man half horse? Centaur. No? Maybe that’s just me. Of all the zodiacal symbols, Sag’s really resonates with yours truly. It’s a manifest of all the soul has just learned through its former phase—the transformational one: Scorpio. Man transforming from its lower animal nature to a higher one: human.

Even the Sagittarian’s glyph—the arrow. A definite instrument of action, aim, intention! They’re all about expansion, growth—upward and outward! Pose as an obstacle to their ideas/ideals if you want to and watch what happens… You’ll have one fiery fight on your hands!

It’s a masculine sign—the adventurer. Some Sagittarian sun-sign men tend to get a bad rep for being non-committal; especially in the area of marriage. Ladies, I can almost promise you that if you give him room (space/expansion) to breathe, think, create, he’ll suddenly feel no urge to roam. Most importantly, keep him inspired! Spark can keep him monogamous as well. It also keeps him well. Fire Energy (Spark) is very healing to the eldest of the fire sign set (to all fire signs, really…To All, period! Fire purifies). Sag is the eldest of said set, yet, it represents “the young adult” at the zodiacal table—why they tend to be so much fun.

It’s mutable, thus adaptable. The men tend to be well endowed—suppose it’s that horsey-bottom. Where they may lack in sensuality, they certainly make up for it there; as well as possessing loads of Icarus energy. Mercy!
Sagittarius, the month of December shows some serious “closure” angles.


  • If there’s a relationship, be it personal or professional, or perhaps, a relationship you’ve been having with yourself that you’d like to be rid of—this is the month to c l e a r it! It isn’t advisable that you carry that energy with you into 2013. The stars give us the mathematical blueprint—the overall geometry of a matter. The BiG Picture (your area of observation).

But only YOU, Saggie, know all the intricate idiosyncratic details of what that is.  Edit the page, turn the page, finish the chapter, close the book; shelve the book. Sever-in-Love. Once your mind is c l e a r there, consider participating in some sort of caretaking work. Volunteering is shown. This added feature will only help to heal you and the current condition. For or a teacher; not sure if it’s platonic or romantic, but a major Pang of LOVE is shown for another in that capacity this month. Ride the wave of love no matter how it flows. Love is too rare not to embrace it when it rears its rare divine head. Venus will be entering Sag soon, too. Hun, enjoy your month!

Also, if the vibe hits you—play games of chance! Especially in the first half of this month.

Happy B*Earth Day, Sagittarius! 

Notable Sagittarians

Sagittarius Advice

  • KD Grier
  • Red Foxx
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Bruce Lee
  • Jamie Fox
  • Richard Pryor
  • Mo’Nique
  • DMX
  • Mos Def
  • Larenz Tate
  • Jay-Z
  • Tyra Banks
  • Ne Ne Leaks
  • Evelyn Lozada
  • Terrell Owens
  • The Game


Tis the season to be merry… is what’s been sang over the years during this time of year…and I highly advise that’s exactly the delightful disposition you should breathe in, bathe in—Merry! In fact… Tip: Boil some bay leaves, fresh mint leaves & basil, cool, strain and pour that liquid in your bath water. This is said to help lift your chi.

You see with astro-logic, it’s a clock. Imagine a clock, a round one, the hand turns, a slow hand and a faster one, each having its apt time spent in or at each station/house/number; each number having its own significance. Same here, it’s now Capricorn’s time/turn to be bathed in all the social, friendly goodness that the eleventh house bestows. Be seen. Caps tend to present themselves well—continue to do so. Just do it!
The connections or re-connections you make this month can prove solid and beneficial to all involve. A serious love connection is also a possibility. Be observant of all Aquarians in your mist.
No knee-jerk purchases.


The first couple of weeks this month are crucial to your career. If you have one, structure it more tightly. If you don’t have one, opportunities are shown. Tighten up that resume and work it. Aim at… No, let me not suggest that—and to a Water Bearer? You specialize in carving out your own unique aims in life: vocation, vacation, any of the ‘’tions’, no matter, just as long as your unique stamp is on it.

Continue to follow your heart—this autonomous way you have about going after things you want is inspirational to us all. Yes, even the ones that frown at first. Bear in mind if the vocation is in the beauty field—all the better. Or, if a Taurus or Libra is of some valuable assistance—good.


You’re likely to make a new friend by mid-month. Yes, we know you are very friendly, but this friend will hold a whole nutha significance. Be alert.   And be careful… pregnancy is also indicated. If you want a baby—fine. If you’re not in that market at this time, again, be cognizant of all the possible variables that a new find brings.

  • Tip: Take some kind of spiritual/metaphysical class…if you can. Cop the herb “Angelica”, if you can consume it, brew it as a tea. Keep a pen and paper bedside—watch the dreams you have this month. Document them. By month’s end, your energy should SOAR!!! Spend it wisely.


With Neptune still in its home court: Pisces. You must be feeling all sorts of creative energies coursing thru your being. Yes, we know you are already creative on all sorts of levels, Pisces, but this season, you must feel it oN Swoll! GYT doesn’t have to advise  you to “Create,” that’s what you do organically—it’s like breathing. What I will suggest?

Share/teach what you have honed, naturally. Form a cute little workshop—don’t charge too much. I think you {and the students} will have a ball! The new moon in Sag on the 13th is a great time to form such a tutorial gathering. Be mindful not to give away your power. Pisces is the sign of sacrifice—it can be easy for you to fall into such a space. Again, share what you know, but not ALL YOU KNOW.

Aside from the class, working alone is shown to be very necessary <& transformational> for you this month. Solitude is Sacred.


Uranus is not fond of “ruts.” It will toss ‘em in the wash, rinse, tumble-dry cycle[s] at any given chance! The natural Aries energy has low tolerance for “ruts” as well. This is why I thought that Uranus would be happy visiting Aries and Aries would be happy to receive the eccentric rebellious visitor. With further investigation, I found…maybe not so much. Well, not for as long as this explosive cosmic marriage has been tethered. Yes, “EXPLOSIVES” is or can be a Uranus/Aries combo. Hence, there had to have been many upheavals thus far for the Aries individual—for us all. Aries, don’t fret, the bumps, glitches, set-backs you may have been experiencing, you can handle it. Just know, times passes, this world wind “U.A. Combo” will too. Hold Tight!

Try to make sense of it all and charge the positive side of this aspect well; i.e.: Working out, rock climbing, skateboarding…whichever outlet best suits your fancy…and physical ability. But please, don’t allow anger to be your steady stalemate; constant headache, during the U.A. phase. Aries rules the head—not a good idea [perpetual anger].

Love with a Scorpio shown. Online love possibilities, also reads favorable. If any, examine your debt…especially the fine print. Keep your word. Try real hard NOT to break any promises/commitments.


Relationships are of major note this month. Even if you’re not in one with another—I’ll tell ya like I told Sag’ above, examine the one you have with self.

Any Capricorn interaction[s] is highlighted as not to be taken lightly. If you’ve been compromising, this month, stop it! If you’ve been stubborn, inflexible, this month, compromise.

Stand your ground. Don’t back down!

Near end of the month, the money looks good. While working on you, there’s an intense {near obsessive} attraction from another. You may not even notice, due to working on you. But it’s Major! Get a massage or a Reiki treatment.


  • When the “there’s a possibility of new love on the job” pops up in the monthly reading for a particular sign, I’m usually apprehensive about sharing it. Why? ‘Cause next month, when the clock ticks again, that “love/lust in vocation” placement will shift to your neighboring sign.

You see, this how most get hurt. ‘Especially those who are not familiar with the cosmic laws of time. e.g.: One person (the jilted one) will be saying to themselves, “What happened? It was just all lovey-dovey last month! How can feelings dry up that quick?” And the other person will be either apathetic or wondering the same, “Why don’t I feel those same lusty notes today that I felt for them yesterday?”

  • Feelings are transitional; hence, the “transits” in our progressive charts. Dealing with workplace romance, one can’t dismiss the Virgo factor. Well, a well-versed astrologer sure wouldn’t dismiss it. Virgo, the analytical one—rules the sixth house, house of health and work.

Analytically, if the attraction has dried up, it’s a wrap! But it’s the guy that usually gets this. Ladies, we hold on to things. As well we should! We’re the nurturers of society. Neither of the two are considering that that was just a lust/love/transit that came thru and tapped them both on the proverbial shoulder—and they responded…Seductively!
Gemini, you get bored fast… I can totally see you seizing such a sexy opportunity. Just be sure to print this column out for them and have them read it before having fun with them…if only for a month. Who knows? There’s always ‘other’ transits that can foster the affair exceeding pass a month; or better, morph into something much more solid.

  • I highly recommend looking up that Nikki Giovanni (another Gemini, btw) poem, the one where she speaks to being brave enough to jump in with both feet, and mature enough not to cry when it’s over. Smiles… Hopefully, they happen to be another fun-loving playful twin co-worker, two…opps, too.


You may have felt or feel some challenges from law enforcement or other authoritative figures. An Aries and or an Aquarius may serve as a bone of contention too. Just remember to remain calm and level-headed; knowing that this is just transits; ones that will soon pass. *Keeping a piece of garlic in the left pocket at all times couldn’t hurt. Smile.

  • Socialize. A love affair—one that could effortlessly morph into a connection of loving substance is shown. A showdown with a known enemy could occur. Again, remain calm and level-headed. Start anew with health and work. If you really structure that idea, the outcome looks favorable.


Implement the “Spring Cleaning” now. Clear out before you redecorate or trim the tree. If not, you’re likely to feel really weighed down while in the house. Then…cabin fever could manifest. Not exactly a healthy mind-state for the outgoing lion/lioness.

The workplace conflict is deeper than what appears on the surface. Either investigate the nitty-gritty of the grime and grit or leave it alone! This too shall pass. Don’t let ‘em run over you, tho. Make every effort to work solo this month, if you can.

New Moon in the Fifth—your house! Start a new project: beading, crafting, etc. Take a child to the museum, park, lunch… Each day this month, implement fun! Fun doesn’t have to cost a dime at times, neither. Feel The Happy! It’s Yours!


“Teaching” is ruled by one of your fellow mutable signs: Sagittarius. But, this month, I strongly advise you to TEACH. You’re sitting on something that someone needs! ‘Not sure what that something is, not sure if you even know what it is or who needs it? But like Dr. King is quoted as having said, paraphrasing: “You don’t need to see the whole staircase to take the first step.”

  • Virgo, with your inherit smarts, you’d more than likely relish the chance to teach a class or workshop or group or even the youtube tubers. Map out your schedule and get to work. If you want to move to a new home, this time looks favorable to do so.

Business affairs look good; but… Romantic affairs look hot! I mean really Really REALLY HOT! Obsessively so. Do what you do best—be discriminating. Though, attraction will be off da meters! Know that all that steaminess may not exceed beyond forty days. Transits keeps it movin’! Yes, even the hot, sexy ones…they too gotta Go!


Monies may feel a little limited this month, but don’t stress it. Fine time to balance your accounts; keep a ledger.  A new business opportunity is possible—if you socialize more this season. Court a new neighbor. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic aim—just an honest neighborly one. I know we live in a world where that energy has long since dissipated, thus, they may look at you oddly. But fret not—know that you aligned your action with what the cosmos are impelling for the Libra energy to exact. Besides, you may wanna be out the house as often as you can. Home and or property areas, show some duress. Study the Feng Shui principles to aid in this area. By the end of the month, a child’s response is likely to heal a wound you didn’t realize you had.


Saturn is hanging out with The Stinger for a bit. It’s cool, y’all can handle it. Any energy backed by Mars and Pluto can handle that plus “Moor!” A good time to reinvent yourself and or your surroundings. Good time to earn new money—that’s one of Scorpio’s best ways to reinvent. The beginning of the month, you’ll just appear very attractive to most—relish and release! This time will fade fast. Stay busy. Play games of chance when the spirit hits you to do so. If you don’t move by month’s end, then take a cool road trip with a cool person; or…do what the Stinger does best: Fly Solo.

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