Obviously, a man is immensely important part of the pregnancy process….

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Princess Kate Middleton (yeah, we know that she’s a ‘Duchess’) has a precious tea biscuit in her royal oven. We’re happy for the Princess and her hubbie, Prince William. Wills, take note: A man is immensely important part of the pregnancy process.

BELOW are some tips for Prince Willie — and all of you expectant fathers. Oh and bonus — two awesome videos. One of Prince William with Princess Diana as a kid and another way of Abiola (me!) on Kate and Will’s wedding day at a Times Square soiree.

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Sure, everybody thinks about the woman during pregnancy—but what about the man standing ever-so-lovingly by her side? He’s not carrying a tiny human inside his body, but he’s an immensely important part of the pregnancy process. Here are some tips and advice for all you expectant fathers out there or how to help your partner ROCK her pregnancy.

1. Make Her Feel Beautiful.

The body of a pregnant woman is constantly expanding, shifting, and changing. And, as previously mentioned, her emotions are running wild. This dangerous combination can leave her feeling, well, less than attractive. Make sure she knows how beautiful you think she is, whether it’s with a love note, a kiss, or flowers. Or, you know, good ol’ fashioned spoken word will do the trick too.

2. Patience And Understanding, O Saintly One.

Your wife’s body is being flooded with absolutely insane amounts of hormones, all of which have the potential to make her turn into an emotional wreck. Her feelings will be on overdrive, meaning that any glimmer of sadness or anger will be amplified to the max. If she lashes out at you or breaks down into inexplicable sobs, don’t take it personally—just see what you can do to make it better. And sometimes, giving her time to cool off is the best thing you can do.

3. Chip In, Okay?

Your wife is growing a human inside of her, which tends to take up a lot of energy. She’ll get tired more easily, meaning you’re going to have to pitch in a whole lot more around the house. Do the dishes, vacuum, clean the bathroom—they might not be the most fun tasks ever, but your wife will be immeasurably grateful. Take the initiative and do these chores before she has to ask for help and you’ll win extra brownie points.

4. Going To The Doctor With Her is a Must.

Regular doctor’s visits are a crucial part of keeping both mom and baby healthy during pregnancy. To show your support and care for the well being of both your wife and future child, it’s essential you accompany her to these appointments. Additionally, pregnancy can have a significant impact on memory, meaning it’s good for you to be there to help remember everything the doctor says. And imagine how awesome it will be to see your baby’s image for the first time!

5. You Might Be Feelin’ It Too…

“Sympathetic pregnancy” is the phenomenon in which the father of the child experiences many of the same symptoms as his pregnant counterpart. This means that not only do you have to watch your beloved undergo all those decidedly un-fun pregnancy side effects (i.e. nausea, weight gain, mood swings, bloating)—you might experience them too. Though its incidence is unknown, it seems to happen to many couples. If it does happen to you, take comfort in the fact that you’re not in it alone, and that it will get better.

6. Read Up!

Chances are your wife has stockpiled a serious stash of pregnancy and childbirth literature. She’s not the only one who needs to be prepared—you should be reading up, too. Educating yourself will allow you to help your wife through all the ups and downs of pregnancy, and knowing what to expect and what’s considered normal can help assuage unnecessary freak-outs. It’s not like you have to obtain a medical assisting certificate or anything—just some simple reading can help get you ready to be the best husband and father you can be.


Madeline Marshall is a writer who delves into various aspects of health in modern society, including women’s health, mental health and spiritual health. 

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