It’s World AIDS Day. A time to take a moment and think about all of the people living and dying of this preventable illness. This is an important cause here at the Passionista Playbook. This summer I was proud to be a speaker at Flatbush Aids Day where I led a crowd through my Safe Sex Pledge. It was dynamic– and we can all make a difference by starting with our own lives and the people around us. Thanks to our positive friend Lilly Sheperd for sharing these great self-care tips on how we can all make our lives the best they can be! -aa

The old Roman saying ‘A Sound Mind in a Sound Body ‘is relevant than ever.

No doubt that it is impossible to imagine a healthy person without ‘healthy’ thinking.  Healthy lifestyle can be a mind game if you’re not used to it.

If you’re used to eating heavy, fatty foods it might be challenging for you to change your eating habits and start enjoying veggies. Even if you start eating healthy and your stomach is full, your brain would send you a signal that you need to eat something greasy. That is why you need to think positive and work on your emotions attached to certain food.

Here are several basic steps for a healthy, glass half full lifestyle.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of your day. That is why you should start your mornings with a proper healthy breakfast. You can have a glass of fresh juice, some fruit, and a freshly baked pastry with cream cheese. It is a light, yet very filling type of breakfast.  Remember that you need to eat at least 5 items of fruit or vegetables per day. You can choose your favorite fruit and make a fresh smoothie every day.

Abiola Dares You to Live the Life You Imagined!Laugh and smile.

Laughter makes you feel happy and cope with stress related situations. Spend some time with your friends or watch a comedy. I am sure it will make you feel happy. Positive emotions will definitely help you with your new healthy lifestyle.

Family & Loved Ones Come First.

Regular family dinners will help you in creating a healthy routine and will strengthen the connection with your loved ones. Your family can also enjoy the healthy diet and lively conversations will put you in a good mood. Yes, best friends count as your family, too!

Meditate or Practice Yoga.

Yoga is great for your flexibility, muscle strength and your balance. It will also teach you meditation and contemplation. You need to spend at least 20 minutes a day on exercises and meditation. It will put your head on straight and cope with the stress.

Sleep Enough.

Your body needs to get some rest to stay healthy and manage the stress. Try working on your sleeping schedule: you need to go to sleep at the same time every night and sleep for no less than 8 hours. You will wake up fresh and in a good mood if you had enough sleep.

The lack of sleep can mess with your eating habits and your ‘hunger hormones’. Have you ever wondered why you enjoy eating at night instead of sleeping?  Now you know the answer.

Stay Positive.

It sounds corny, right? But there is nothing corny about feeling good. Joyful people know this!

They say if life sends you lemons try making lemonade.  No matter what happened in your life you need to stay positive and try looking on a bright side.

Believe in yourself and have a positive attitude to life.

Staying positive about your life might be really hard as you are used to seeing only negative things around you. Modern life is very challenging and full of tensions; nonetheless you should try your best to stay on a bright side.

What makes you happy?

Think of something that makes you happy. Is it some food or a movie, sports or your pet? Try spending time on your favorite activity and enjoy it to the maximum.

These are some basic rules of your wellness and happiness. You can choose your own path to a healthy lifestyle and it can be different from this one. You need to remember that you can change your life the way you want it to be, all you need is a little dedication. You can be in charge of yourself and follow a healthy lifestyle with a positive attitude.


This is a guest post by Lilly Sheperd, an occasional guest blogger and a freelance communication consultant, works with Jack3d nowadays. When not blogging, Lilly likes to travel and read a lot, especially about education and healthy lifestyle. (Photo Image Shutterstock Licence owned by Lilly Sheperd.)

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