How to launch your Spiritual Business Product, Program or Service for women, coaches, healers, practitioners, and creative consultants.

Stages of a Spiritual Product Launch



  • Lay foundation with clear messaging and systems
  • Reach out to influencers who can build excitement around your product
  • Plan and create all content (for all phases of launch)
  • Provide training content affiliates, partners, distributors, and others who will help sell
  • Use samples and trials to elicit feedback


  • Implement all launch plans
  • Stand by to provide quick and efficient customer service
  • Monitor and track results
  • Touch base with your affiliates and partners to see if they need help


  • Follow-up with new soulmate clients for feedback an engagement
  • Wrap-up with affiliates and sales force
  • Continue promoting your product
  • Reflect on successes and things to fix/update for next time
  • Plan your next launch


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